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Bom finished her math test quickly and had half an hour of 'free' time : she needed to be quiet and sit in the classroom among other students who still worked on their test but she didn't mind it.

She opened her colorful notebook full of her doodles, to add new ones.

But there was a person who actually minded it: Woohyun. He sat right behind her: not because he liked her. It was great place to re-write her answers to questions. Unfortunately for him she had closed her test now, and he hadn't had a chance to re-write all the answers.

He cursed under his nose. What he was going to do now? Draw a unicorn?

Few days later, when the teacher gave them results of tests, he scolded Woohyun, simply calling him 'stupid'.

It didn't put him in good mood: no one wants to be called stupid, when nerdy red haired girl is praised for being 'brilliant'.

Bomie felt bad for the boy and was worried about his math grades. She turned to him and asked:
"I can help you with math."

Woohyun felt like if she insulated him. Like if she showed off with her mathematics knowledge.

"No." He answered shortly.
"Why not?"
"Because I can't stand look of your face. It almost makes me v.omit." 

It his words hurt Bom deeply. She turned back in blackboards direction and remained silent for the rest of the lessons, even when the teacher asked questions Bom knew answers to.

Two weeks had passed since that day and nothing really change in Bom's life. Except that she lost all her confidence - if she ever had confidence.

The day of New Years Eve party Bom was very glad that they were going to party only for girls.
She dressed herself in her favourite pink dress and went to Seo Hee's apartment.

Bom loved parties when everything was nicely decorated and beautiful. In pink dress she felt like a princess and she really hoped nothing would spoil the night.
"I have a bad feeling about this night." Hwayoung said and Su Min agreed with her.

Bom tried to remain optimistic even though something was telling her that this night was going to change something.
'New year in few hours. It always gives a feeling of something changing' Bom thought and focused on putting food on table.

Sudden noise made Bom drop one of the cupcakes.
“Well, well, well. The nerds are having their own New Years party!” Seung Ho said. He entered the room with bunch of other people: his 'bad boys' friends, unknown boys and girls, some not even from their school.
“So, we came to the party. Let’s go wild!” Woohyun announced.
With few boys he put bottles of different alcohols on the table, right next to cute cupcakes diligently decorated by Bom previous day.

Someone played music very loudly and soon sweet party of 'good girls' turned into one of teenagers wild parties.

Apparently Woohyun was already a bit drunk as he chased after Bom, saying that he knows she likes him.

When she hide herself behind her friends, Woohyun gave up and found other girl to snog with her.

Bom and other girls found for them a place where no one interrupted them and tried to still enjoy their night.

They hugged each other when it was midnight.
"Happy new year!"
It was time to think of new years wish.
'Find true love' Bom thought even though she would never said it out loud.

Hour later many guest were sleeping: too much drinks didn't allow them to party any longer.

Bom, who didn't drink was sitting next to Woohyun who didn't feel well.
"You look very pretty in that black dress." He said to her.
Bom looked at her pink dress and wondered where Woohyun was with his thoughts.
"Here." Bom handed him warm soup. "It'll make you feel better."

Next day Woohyun woke up with terrible headache; he didn't remember well last night except a beautiful girl in black dress who take care of him. 

He smiled to himself; she was too beautiful to be real and that was probably only the dream.

Short but better than nothing:)
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