Name: Georgia Francis
Age: 18
Quote that describes your character: Wild Child by The Doors (the entire song)
Hometown: New York, New York
Currently City: New York, New York
Style: If Jim Morrison was a girl
Bio: Georgia, fresh out of high school is trying her best to break out into New York's music scene. She's the lead singer for rock band 'The Voices', right now they're headlining at a hole in the wall bar on the Lower East Side but they hope to not be there for too long.
Model: Erin Wasson
"Hey, I need to talk to you later!" I yelled over to Ash as he grabbed a cup off the counter, pouring a vodka soda for the girl he'd been flirting with all night. He looked up, acknowledging me although he seemed more interested in finding a beer from the fridge than hearing what I'd just said.

"Did you hear me?" I asked as he left the kitchen, passing me with both drinks in hand. He nodded back at me, returning to Barbara's side, an eighteen year old Hungarian model that hadn't stopped whispering in his ear since they'd met only an hour ago.

"This party blows, man," Hudson joked to me as I sat on the couch, taking sips off whatever it was that Flora had given me. I snickered, raising the cup to my mouth, it's awful stench reaching my nose as soon as I'd taken a small sip. Disgusted, I placed it back on the coffee table.

The party wasn't a complete disaster but the music choice certainly was. Three Britney Spears songs later and I found my ears wishing to detach from the rest of my body. If I was in the mood I'd get up and change the CD but right now I didn't feel like moving.

"Do you want to dance with me?" A noticeably older man sat down next to me, by the looks of it he seemed about thirty years old.

"This isn't prom and no, not really," I stated casually though the sound of Hudson's laughter only made me laugh. The guy got up, schoffing at me as he shifted his dirty blonde hair to the other side of his pale face.

Hudson scooted closer towards me, "You know that guy Levi is gonna be here tonight?" He leaned in towards me, speaking in my ear since the loud speakers managed to make talking an impossible activity.

"God, why didn't you tell me that before?" I punched him in the arm, already beginning to stare at the door in fear of when he'd walk in.

"Because I thought you'd be happy about it. I know you really like him," He looked at me, hoping I'd confess an undying love for him but I didn't.

"I'm not happy about it, I've been ignoring him all week," I rested my head on my arm as I stretched it across the the top of the couch.

"Why?" He asked before realizing the most fitting reason for why I must of been ignoring him, "I'm sorry, it'll be alright. I can hang out with you if you want, then maybe he'll avoid you."

"He'll probably avoid me anyway," I raised my eyebrows, my eyes searching around the room as I began to worry.

"Why are you trying to keep your steamy affair under wraps?" He winked, joking as always.

Currently Hudson is the only one who knows about Levi. I was sure that the others would react differently, they'd be more likely to give me an honest opinion but Hudson's not that way. I'm guessing he was only okay with it because he doesn't really care anyways. He doesn't care at all, about anything, he's too laid back to have a personal opinion on any subject whatsoever. Because of his attitude towards me I treat him the same, I'll tell him things no one else knows, he'll tell me things he doesn't even tell his own sister. It feels better knowing that these secrets live somewhere outside my head. He's still the only one who knows about me and Dan, I was hoping I'd be able to tell Ash tonight but by watching him with Barbara I doubt that I'll be able to interrupt him anytime soon.

"I wouldn't word it like that but yeah, I don't think he's even told any one he knows about me or /us/," I replied, shaking my head with a short chuckle.

"Yeah right! Georgia, guys tell other guys who they've been with. That's just the way guys are so that's complete bulls-it. Every one of his bandmates knows about you and I guarantee it," He motioned to me before getting up to open the door. In complete fear I ran off to the bathroom, kicking out a couple making out behind the shower curtain.

"God!" I yelled shoving them out, both of them shooting me an irritated stare. I looked back at them before successfully locking the door without anyone getting in the way.

My eyes moved around the small bathroom, noticing a small collection of tooth brushes kept in a glass cup next to the sink. I noted how claustrophobic I felt, standing between both the toilet and the shower with only a few inches in separation of the two. Turning, I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, my skin glistening in a way I'd never seen before. The girl in the mirror looked healthy for the first time in what seemed like ages. I saw someone else, someone other than the girl who at night would cry so hard at night she could barely breathe. I saw someone who I recognized, someone I hadn't seen in a while because for the first time I was seeing myself.

Somehow my teeth managed to not be stained from the multiple cups of coffee and packs of cigarettes that I'd gone through, my eyes weren't bloodshot, my skin wasn't dry and lifeless. I could say I looked alive, like an actual, healthy, functioning human being. I was okay and this time, better than just alright I look good and I never look 'good'.

I realized Hudson was right. I could still remember the expression on Mick's face the night I met him, how it seemed like he'd recognized my name and how strangely he'd looked at me. It made sense now, they knew about me. If Mick did then I was sure all of them did. It wasn't like they could give a sh-t, they didn't have any concern for what me and Levi did. They were too drunk to know what was even going on and too high to care.

"Hey, Georgia! Have you met these guys? They play at the Mercury," Hudson shouted over to me as I'd just left the bathroom, I cringed as he stood in front of them, enjoying casual conversation while sharing a spliff.

"Uh, no actually," I pretended as I walked over, trying to keep my arms still as I suddenly felt as if I was shaking. It wasn't like Hudson had just set me up or anything, oh, wait, yes actually that was exactly what he was doing.

"I've met you.. I think, yeah, I have..," Mick looked at me, shaking my hand as his other hand grasped a beer.

"Hey, I'm Levi," He nodded rather than extending his hand towards me like the others. I nodded back, trying my absolute hardest not to break out in laughter, my smile grew wider as I tucked my arms behind my back. I couldn't stand this any longer, was I really going to act like I'd just met this man? No, I wasn't going to stand around with these guys, drinking beer and sharing stories, I couldn't. It didn't feel right, mainly because I can't possibly do such a thing without laughing and looking like an complete idiot.

"I haven't seen you guys perform in a while, why is that?" Hudson asked, sounding genuinely interested. He turned to Aaron, the only guy in the band who seemed attentive enough to hear a question and respond to it without needing it repeated three times.

"Oh, that's because we've been in the studio! We got signed a few weeks ago so we've been busy, the label wants us to start working on the album, you know, so we had to do," Aaron looked at Hudson, who appeared to be busy watching a long legged girl across the room. She seemed drunk, laughing obnoxiously as she nearly fell onto the floor.

"Sweet, well, congrats! I've got to go, I'll see you guys around, alright?" Hudson patted Kevin on the back, taking the last swig of his drink, placing it down on the closest table before running over to her. The two were giggling like teenagers as soon as they saw each other.

"Do you want to go upstairs? On the roof, I mean?" I asked Levi, trying to speak loud enough for him to hear and quiet enough for his friends not to notice that I'd said anything.

"Sure," He answered, getting up from resting his body against the dining room table. I led him into the hallway, traveling up the few flights of stairs before finally making it to the top.

I lifted open the door's latch, trying not to look like I was struggling with how much force was needed to prop it open, "You alright?" Levi chuckled at me, I pushed once more, this time being able to open it.

The air was cold but it felt refreshing as it blew against my skin. The lights twinkled against the starless sky, the silvery moon already propped up perfectly behind the Chrysler building. The smell of burning firewood still lingered from the grill, confetti still crushed into the floor's cracks. I looked around, trying not to fall over the edge as I peeked down at the sidewalk below us.

Levi stayed quiet, I could hear the sound of his sneakers shuffling over the rough concrete, "You haven't been avoiding me have you?" He breathed as he approached me, I twisted my head around, my hair blowing in front of my face, blocking my view of him as I leaned against the rough bricks that nearly snagged my dress as I turned.

"No, why?" I wondered, surprised that he'd even care to ask. I couldn't imagine he'd be the type of guy to notice, I figured he had plenty of other takers that'd be willing to shack up with him in my absence.

"I just assumed you were,"He sat down on one of the dusty lawn chairs, folding his hands together as he sat, his back bent forward.

"I wasn't avoiding you like that," I shook my head, crossing my arms as I began to feel cold, "I didn't want to avoid you, it was just that I had something else going on."

"Something else like what? Georgia, if you don't want to do this anymore you can just tell me," Levi sat up, wrinkling his forehead, seeming more alert than I'd ever seen him before. He pronounced each word perfectly, not slurring once.

"I know you have a boyfriend," He announced, looking down at the ground, "I mean, if that's what this is about, I know that already."

I placed my arms around my neck, sliding off the edge and onto the concrete. Sitting down, I folded my legs, already feeling chilled by the freezing cold surface.

"It's not about that," I replied, not knowing if I should tell him. I hadn't even told Ash or Flora, so why in the h-ll should he know? "I just wasn't in a good place but I'm better now, I swear I am."

"I just needed time by myself," I assured him as he still hadn't said a word.

"You're sure that's it?" Levi didn't seem too convinced, still seeming sure that this had something to do with Andrew. I nodded back, pushing myself up as my legs felt like they were turning into ice.

"Let's just go back downstairs," I said as his hand grazed my back, he reached for the door before me, not allowing me to attempt such difficulties again.

Even three floors away I could still hear Matchbox Twenty blasting from the speakers. I made my mind up that I wasn't going to deal with the music choice any longer, the eternal truth is that sometimes, no music is better than bad music.

"Sh-t," Levi stopped, pulling me back from taking another step.

"What?" I looked down the hall to see what it was he'd seen. I noticed three men in uniforms, one knocking on the door so hard it shook the wall. Apparently they hated the music even more than I did, the men yelled until Hudson opened the door, people shuffled out into hall as quick as they possibly could. Groups ran down the stairs, nearly slipping off the steps as they piled into stairwell, shoving us in the process.

"Should we go?" I asked as we stood around waiting, the cops didn't seem surprised, still standing near the door.

"Yeah, I'd say so," Levi took a few steps down the stairs, beginning to walk down to the lobby.

There were police cars stationed outside, sirens still wailing down the street, though thankfully they weren't stopping here. We strolled around the block, I didn't ask him what he was looking for as it appeared quite obviously that he wanted to find his band mates. None of them were in sight and I didn't notice any one from the party, they must of all got cabs and left.

"Hey, man, let's get the f-ck out of here!" Aaron tapped on Levi's shoulder, startling him. "There's another party up on Bleecker street, let's go."

I grinned as Aaron seemed to have taken more than one hit of whatever it was Hudson had been sharing with them earlier. Levi looked over at me, expecting me to tell him something. I shrugged my shoulders, not knowing what he wanted me to say.

"You wanna go with us?" Mick asked for him.

"Yeah, sure, I'll go with you guys," I nodded, I wasn't in the mood but I lied, knowing I'd be back at at the apartment alone if I didn't choose to go with them.

"Cool, let's get a taxi," Levi opened the door for me, the drummer whose name I couldn't remember sat in front while I sat sandwiched in between Levi and Nico. After being mushed between them for so long, my shoulders began to ache from the tension, I repositioned myself, draping my leg over Levi's and moving my head closer towards his.

"I'll get this one," The drummer paid the driver as we crawled out of the back door.

Levi smiled at me as we stood outside the building, waiting for something or someone, I don't know what. I smiled foolishly, continuing to be surprised by the way he was acting. He wasn't wasted, he wasn't high, he seemed different, a good different.

"Come on," Mick punched me in the shoulder as he ran inside with the others.

"We'll be up there in a minute," Levi called back to them.

"I don't really feel like going to another party.." I confessed, folding my arms to warm myself as I felt cold yet again.

"No, I know you don't," He replied, taking a step closer towards me.


We stayed quiet, standing around out front as girls who seemed a little over dressed to go out and get drunk swarmed into nightclub across the street from us. "We can go to my place," Levi suggested after smoking a cigarette.

"Sounds great," I smiled, thinking he'd never ask. He grinned back at me, hailing another taxi.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" He dropped his jacket and keys on the floor as I walked in behind him. Levi strolled over to the television, flicking it on as I looked around his apartment, the place seeming new after not having been here for so long.

"Sure," I was taken back again, surprised that I was asked to do something as laid back and lame as watching a movie by who seemed like the king of wanting to do anything but. 

He looked through the cabinet, shuffling through the box of things that he kept stored underneath the coffee table. "I only own Adam Sandler movies, is that okay?" He pulled out a couple, not knowing which to watch.

"That's fine, you can pick," I sat on one side of the couch, having the realization that this was the first activity we'll have done together that didn't involve f-cking or getting f-cked. I felt strange not knowing how to position my body, would it be acceptable if I lay down or if my hand accidentally touches his? Somehow I felt uncomfortable with someone I had already shown everything to, we could be naked with one another but yet I feared that my skin grazing his would be crossing the limit. 

He sat back after pushing play on the VCR, I felt stiff as I pushed myself in the corner of the couch, making sure my feet weren't near his. "You know it's okay if you sit near me, right?" Levi mentioned probably after noticing how stiff I looked.

I moved, sitting closer to him. "Is this okay?" I asked, laughing as I scooted over, inch by inch, not knowing when to sit. He laughed at me, realizing how weird and complicated whatever this thing is we have together is turning into.

"You don't have to be afraid of me," Levi said to me as I rested my body against the couch after deciding on a position.

"I'm not afraid of you, it's just that I don't know what's okay and what's not okay," I replied, looking at him as his eyes stayed focused on the television set.

"You don't have to be, I've seen you naked," He chuckled, still seeming surprised at my feelings even though I figured he'd understand where I was coming from.


"I realize that," I laughed, resting my head against his arm, folding my leg over his. I glanced up at him, seeing if he'd respond. He didn't seem to notice.


I woke up in the dark, my body shivering with chills as I laid sprawled out across the couch. Suffering a split second where I couldn't remember where I was or how I got here but then I remembered. Stretching my arm out, I felt my hand around trying to see if Levi was here but he wasn't. My eyes couldn't see a thing, I got up knowing I wouldn't be able to fall asleep again.

Stumbling around the apartment until I found him, I ended up in the bedroom. Staggering into bed, pulling myself under the covers as I still felt half-frozen. "Hey," Levi yawned, sounding groggy as I'd just woke him up.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked, not wanting to sleep.

"I didn't know if you were one of those people who hate being woken up once you fall asleep," He looked at me from his pillow as half of his head rested against it.

"Well, I'm not," I noted to him as a future reference, "Hey, if I ask you something will you answer honestly?"

"What?" He wondered, not sounding as bothered as I figured he would be.


"How did you know I had a boyfriend?" I questioned, trying not to sound like I was starting an interrogation.


"Umm," He closed his eyes before rubbing them, sitting up to stretch his arms out before laying back in bed. "I saw him with you that night, it was pretty obvious.. then I said something to Freddie and he told me you two had been together for a while. Why?" 


"I was just curious," I responded, originally thinking that the story was a bit more complex than just that. "Do you hate me for it? I mean, for being with him?"


"I don't hate you, Georgia," He said a bit sternly, sounding more awake than before, "You could of told me though, you know?"

"I didn't know how to," I tried not to become emotional but suddenly it felt difficult not to.


"Sometimes there isn't a how, sometimes you just have to say things but, I don't hate you, I could never hate you," He spread his arms out across the bed before turning over to where I could only see his back.

I wanted to kiss him, for my life to not be so damn complicated all the time but I didn't know what to do about it. I never f-cking know what to do about anything, perhaps that was my problem. I don't know what to do or how to say things. I don't want to let people down but that seems to be the only thing I'm good at these days. F-cking things up and letting people down, what a girl of great talent I am.
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