"Lyla, would you please hurry up now, we're running late", my mother said to me standing in my doorway. 
I had to get ready for a grand gala though I didn't really want to. Things like that weren't for me. 

"Do I really have to come with you? I mean... I wanted to meet Matt", I lied. 

"That's nonsense, Lyla. I talked to his parents and he'll be there, too. So don't be that stubborn and get dresses. /Now/", she exclaimed and walked away to search for her pearls. Suddenly, she was back at my door. "And don't forget to take this dress. We bought it for you for this special day", my mother meant and pointed towards a pretty dress which lay on my bed. 
I sighed. The dress was beautiful, but it wasn't the right one for me. I closed the door to my room and walked to my desk. I'd worked on a dress myself and I'd wear it no matter what.

"I'm ready", I said as I walked down the stairs into the hall. My parents were already waiting for me. 

"You look amazing, Ly", my father said and smiled. Then he helped me into my jacket. 

"Lyla! That's not the dress...", My mother started, but then she sighed. "Oh, whatever. At least you're here and we really have to go."

I grinned. My plan had worked out. 

We met Matt and his parents in front the MoMa where the gala took place. Matt took my hand. 
"You look gorgeous, Lyla", he smiled and squeezed it. Maybe the night wouldn't be that with my best friend by my side. 
"I want to introduce you to someone. We play lacrosse in the same team", Matt meant. "Lyla, meet Robert Lousseau. Rob, that's the girl I told yo about, my best friend Lyla."

"Matt's lucky to have such a girl by his side", Robert smiled and greeted me. I blushed. He looked awesome in his black suit and with his messy blonde hair. 

"I am", Matt meant and put his arm around my waist, but his expression was a bit strange. I'd never noticed it before. But the next second, he smiled as usual. 

"If you want to, Lyla, and if Matt is okay with it, I'd liked to dance with you", Robert offered. 

"None of my business, mate", Matt laughed and took his arm away. I took Robert's hand and followed him towards the dancefloor. 

I noticed that Matt had a partner, too, which made me smile. When it came to girls, Matt was a bit strange sometimes. It seemed like he never found the right one. One was too big, the other one too loud, another one too silent... But I focused on Robert again. He was a very good dancer, but it seemed like he wasn't into conversations. Okay, my turn.

"So, Robert, what are your hobbies?", I started a bit clumsy. He seemed to be relieved that I'd finally said something.

"I play lacrosse and soccer. Sport's very important to me. And you?", he asked.

"Ugh, I just... I love to draw and design", I shrugged. Maybe he'd ask me about my dress?
But Robert just smiled and nodded. I got a bit bored when he suddenly asked me whether I wanted to go outside. I searched for Matt, but I couldn't see him so I said yes and followed Robert into the hall. It wasn't that crowded here and we sat down on the stairs. I fixed a strap of my shoes and when I looked up, Robert's face was closer to mine than before. I tried to look into his eyes, but my gaze went through the room. Across his shoulder I could see a couple. The girl had straight, blonde hair and wore a red dress. I had to admit that she looked every sexy. I took a closer view and noticed that she was Matt's dancing partner. And right, there he was. My best friend leaned against the wall behind him and talked to the blonde. She didn't seem to care, but she took a step closer towards him. Without hesitating, she kissed Matt. He seemed surprised, but then he kissed her back. That was the point when I stopped looking and concentrated on Robert who'd said something.

"Lyla? Are you here?", he asked and waved his hands in front of my face. I looked at him in confusion, but then I grinned. "Of course."

"I wanted you to know... normally I'm not like that around girls, I mean not that silent. You must think I'm not interested in you. But it's the other way round, really! I just want to do one thing since I saw you...", he hesitated. 

"Well", I continued, "if you wanted to say "Kiss you", then here you go", I whispered and pushed myself closer towards Robert to kiss him. The last thing I saw before his met lips met mine and before I closed my eyes was Matt's face which had again that strange expression.
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Wrote 5 years ago
Wow! I love it! So elegant!

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congrats on top sets!!!

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Wrote 5 years ago
Congrats on Top Sets!!!!



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