Good thing about not flying in a company jet when your face is known in the tabloids, which I'd done throughout my childhood and teenage-years, is that people take care of you. So when Micah and I landed in Heathrow someone had already gotten our luggage and loaded the car. 

Micah normally felt like a little man who owned the world but ever since we boarded he didn't let go of my hand. He had gotten a little perplexed when we left New York seven hours ago. "But what about grandma and grandpa, will they visit? And Thomas and Jonathan? And daddy's restaurant?" he'd asked in JFK when he suddenly realized that we were leaving for good. "They'll visit us, darling. And we will visit them," in my mind I added a 'hopefully' to the sentence, "and daddy is opening a new restaurant, remember?"

He was still a little boy. An innocent kid when he sat there in the car seat next to me playing on my iPhone. 

The car ride to Chalfont St. Giles where we'd found a classical pre-war house. It was just 20 miles outside London and perfect for us. Close to the world's second capital (after New York, obviously) of London and completely cut off from the surrounding world. This last month I'd been flying back and forth between London and New York to organize renovation and decoration. I'd even furnished a nursery to I'm in very good time. 

The house itself was amazing. It sort of reminded me of my childhood home in Boston but smaller and with no staff. We have a maid who comes in at noon and makes the beds and cleans up and stuff but with Miles as a chef it's not like we need anything else really - well, beside our driver. 

We pulled up in front of the house. Micah still hadn't seen it and he was mesmerized with all the green in general. 

"WOW! I don't ever think I've seen so much grass before! Well, except for Central Park, maybe. But there are no buildings," he breathed and got out of the car. 

I couldn't hide a laugh of my oh-so urban offspring as I followed him out of the car and walked up to the front door. I padded his head lovingly as I unlocked the door. "So this is your new home, Micah, you ready?"

He jumped in excitement, "open the door, mommy!"

I handed him the key from my Chanel purse and let him unlock the door. 

I guess Miles had heard us because just as the door was pushed open, Miles was on the other side with his arms open to greet us. 

"Hey little man," Miles chuckled as Micah ran right into his arms and quickly continued up the flight of stairs in the hall-way, "nice to see you, too!" he yelled after him. Then he turned to me, "hey bloaty," he put a protective hand on my stomach and kissed me softly. 

"Don't call me that," I replied and cupped his face in my hands, "you're the one behind this bloatyness." 

"And I'm proud of it." 

I'd just started my second trimester and my morning sickness was over - something that's extremely deftly with all this flying I've been doing - and now I'm really starting to show. I can still almost zip my skirts all the way up but I can't wear my skinny jeans anymore. 

The driver had been kind enough to carry all the suitcases upstairs so unpacking was easy. 

I could hear Micah's running footsteps around the house. He ran in on me in the walk-in next to our bedroom. 

"I love this house. I love my room," he cheered and ran over to hug me. Like every mom I know I hugged him back tightly happy as a clam that he liked the place. 

"I'm so glad, darling. I knew you would like it."

He let go of me and spun around his own orbit, "is this your closet?" 

I nodded, "and daddy's too," I pointed towards a separated part of the closet (about 1/5) that was donated to him. The rest was going to be filled up with my Louboutins, Valentino handbags, Seven for All Mankind jeans, Agent Provocateur underwear, etc.

Micah nodded and ran back out. I could hear his Uggs on the wooden floor. 

Miles appeared in the doorway and approached me slowly. He wrapped his arms around me, "this is all I could ever dream of. The three of us started a new life in a new country and our overly energetic son running in the hallways of joy. And another one on the way."

I tousled his hair with my fingers and nodded, "I don't think that I've actually felt like this before. Unconditionally happy. I've needed this. In... forever." 

He started nibbling on my neck, "I think Micah is occupied for a while. It sounds like he just discovered the PlayStation in his room." 

In one quick movement he lifted me up on the dresser in the middle of the room by the buttocks and soon I had another set of clothes lying on the floor to add to the new closet.
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