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  • Mulberry Riddle Necklace
    Mulberry Riddle Necklace
    In the spirit of unconventional jewellery and malleability, this piece alludes to industrial elements of twisted geometrical shapes, interlocked together to create a chain necklace. To reinforce the effect, the Riddle Necklace combines brass and silver tone metal thereby producing both a minimalist and elegant accessory.
  • Mulberry Chain Necklace
    Mulberry Chain Necklace
    This season we are delighted to introduce a collection of jewellery inspired by surrealistic art, punk culture and sign language. This chunky brass Chain Necklace can be worn on its own or assembled to this collection's hand pendant with the same brass finish.
  • Mulberry Jewel Large Necklace
    Mulberry Jewel Large Necklace
    This season we are delighted to introduce a new collection of jewellery, inspired by Medieval and Victoriana costume jewels, fictional creatures and eye-catching gem stones. This necklace showcases resin pearl and crystal, referencing the prestige and symbolism of pearl as a mark of femininity, lustrous beauty and mystery.
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