2011/09/25 Always invisible sets ,the last one is too(Han Ga In set)!!! i took my time over 1 hours to made it,and not first time for cover with her i ever published 3 times and then deleted now i don't want to deleted again so tired to copy my own sets and weird do, but i don't have problem with my test sets,i think test or not the result still the same>> no one never see it on first page!!!!! but someone can see 1 from a lot of my contacts.
i'm so headach right now!!! and published new set continue!!!

And polyvore never listen to my voice,if this problem still going on i was thinking about take a break!! even i plan for break after i finished my exam in 2week,and now i want to made fun here before i'm a way!!!
but not fun ,i've a lot of free time but i my page @!x#%!!@!!!!# ....losing to describe about this polyvore changed:(

Sorry for all of my bad words ,seriously i'm enough with sending help to polyvore,after this i set my page to freedom,i'm not mean i care about faves,comments in my set but it's so called annoyed if you took your time made set over 1 hours faves&comments over 1 hours but no one never see it till next day,and kinda a lone on your page why you killed your time like this!!!!!!!!!!

I think this problem happened with some member include me!!!! for me>> set with white page still better than invisible set really i got all problem of new changed.
1.Item not show with complete set.
2.White page but member can see it.
3.Invisible set from contact's set(not show on first page after published).
4.Show some item like only 2 item.
Hmmmm...it's all my heart to say
Eventhought sorry to all ppl who will read this,i write too much don't mind about my mood now!!!
i'm still happy but not happy with polyvore changed.
will edit inform soon.
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