a month, i would be: December, my bday :)
a day of the week, i would be: Saturday
a time of day, i would be: noon, rhymes with moon 
a planet, i would be: PLUTO 
a sea animal, i would be: ugly eel thing/dolphin
a direction, i would be: up? 
a piece of furniture, i would be: stool 
a sin, i would be: proud speech. I googled sins, did you know it blood is one? Just wondering why they needed to cover that?
a historical figure i would be: Enkidu becasue the names cool. 
liquid, i would be: the HCl acid BURNING YOUR OESOPHAGUS 
a stone, i would be: Larimar (i Googled again) 
a tree, i would be: Plum
a bird, i would be: robin (i've never seen one yet I read about them in books and stuff all the time when I go to Europe someday I'll be searching!) 
a tool, i would be: screw driver
a flower/plant, i would be: forget-me-not 
a kind of weather, i would be: the type that goes sunny one minute and light rain the next and keeps switching throughout the day
a mythical creature, i would be: nymph
a musical instrument, i would be; flute
an animal, i would be: wolf, giraffe, swallow 
a colour, i would be: bright orange/yellowy
a vegetable, i would be: lettuce
a sound, i would be: trickling water
a movie, i would be directed by: Tim Burten
a book, i would be written by: L.M.Montgomery
a food, i would be: asparagus. 
a place, i would be: a wood, the nice ones you hear about in Enid Blyton books. The Enchanted Wood. 
a material, i would be: glue
a taste, i would be: granny smith apple skin. no idea wh
a scent, i would be: fart
a word, i would be: gleichfalls 
an object, i would be: elder wand
a body part, i would be: earlobe
a facial expression, i would be: xD 
a subject in school, i would be: drama or history or music or English. 
 I was tagged by: @supercalifragilisticsocks

Rules: You have to do the thing and then tag more people to do it:
And Im sorry :)

And finally I've finished it. I keep starting this then going to bed.

Have a lovely day or morning or evening or night xx
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