Esmee's Trip

I arrived; the warm air was lovely. I had brought Marley with me. Honestly, how sad was I bringing my brother? We chucked our luggage down and chilled. Wow this felt good. 
"So what was with that guy the other day?" he asked, I knew he had been dying to ask.
"ummm." I said throwing a pillow at him, "Well it's complicated."
"Oh dear, this doesn't sound good." Marley laughed, he knew what kind of predicaments I could get myself into especially those involving men.
"Yeah, complicated very very complicated and none of your business." I said hoping he would leave the subject well alone.
I walked along the beach all the Thames girls were out, lounging around. It felt amazing, so peaceful, my mind wandered through the events of the past few days. I hadn't seen him since so I doubted it would amount to much. I sat down and looked around me and saw the girls chatting away; I felt so alone. Then I saw Marley chatting to a girl and that's when I felt like I would never fit in. I decided to explore the bar and get myself some refreshments.
"So you came." A voice said behind me.
"Oh gosh, I didn't know you were coming, her with her?" I asked, almost annoyed that I was second best. 
He nodded.
"How about a drink?" he asked and ordered two cocktails.
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