You've always been shy in school, nobody really noticed you, and you ignored everyone. You'd rather be reading. School was out, and it was summer. You got a job at the local animal shelter! Excited to be doing something you love, you head over to your first day on the job. When you get there, you see Liam Payne. Liam Payne. The most popular boy in school. You never talked to him, but you always watched him. He was exceptionally fit, but you knew you would never stand a chance. He smiled and waved at you. "[Y/N], right? I guess we'll be working together this summer," he said, grinning.
Throughout the summer, you and Liam became great friends. One day, he comes up to you while you are working. 
"[Y/N]? Can I ask you something?" he asked nervously.
"Sure," you reply.
"Would you like to come to this music festival with me this weekend? On a date?" he asked quietly.
"Oh, uh, yeah. That'd be great!" you say, surprised. Liam grins at you.
The weekend comes, and Liam picks you up in his car. You two talk and smile and laugh throughout the car ride, and throughout the festival. Everything was too good to be true. At the end of the night, Liam kisses you, and everything is perfect.

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