*2nd set in "30 Day Challenge" collection*

Day 02: Describe where you want to be 10 years from now.

In 10 years I want to be happy and at peace with my super crazy life. Images here are much more self explanatory, so I'll just list the goals I have for the next 10 years.

* Be out of student debt
We HOPE that I'll be able to graduate without any loans. I've only got 2-3 semesters left after this one :-) So we'll only have my husbands loans, and even those shouldn't be too bad- provided I can get a real job soon.

* Own a home
Why my parents were married for about 10 years they bought their first home. I'm hoping for the same. Planning on a small 3 bedroom place with the boys in one room and the girls in the other. When our kids turn 12 we want to let them plan and help build their own room. So in the end, I will live in the Burrow ^.^

* Have 4 kids with one more on the way
I want 7 kids. 5 by birth, and 2 adopted. Crazy? Yes. But 7 is a good number. The stuffed animals are supposed to match the kids' names. We're carrying on an elemental legacy- ya know with "Brooke" meaning "a stream" and "McKay" meaning "son of fire". So:
 - Snitch for Stirling, metal
 - Dolphin for River, water
 - Hawk for Skye, air
 - Cat for Terra, earth
 - Dragon for Aidyn, fire
Naturally, the order and actual name will depend on what we end up with, but these are our favorite names. Do you know how hard it is to figure out what to get a kid whose element is metal? Metallic things aren't usually cuddly.

* Take our first Disney family vacation
So far I've managed to get to Disney every 5 years for my entire life. I'm not counting on going in 2015, but my family will definitely be there before 2022 is over. Every 5 years seemed just right for my family. We kids were always at good ages to appreciate the parks in a different way. And we didn't go so much that the magic was lost. That's important.

The outfit: Since I'm planning on being pregnant at some point in 2022, I made a maternity outfit! I am determined to remain stylish when I am the size of a whale. Hoo-ray for TOMS and Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. I'm saving up for my PPB already. Those things are expensive, but so worth it! Would you ever have guessed that that bag was a diaper bag?? I've also noticed that stores based in Europe have much better maternity clothing. I wonder why that is?

Today was much better than yesterday. I was totally productive! My boss gave me a bunch of work to do, and I've got a paper due on Friday. The next two days should be pretty exciting -.-
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