Music is my inspiration ♥ CHALLENGE

Music is my inspiration ♥ CHALLENGE
Moderated by honeeybee and crunkdidi.
Music is your biggest inspiration? You find hope in songs? Then this is the right place for you! JOIN!
We'll be happy if you would join our group and add your beautiful sets inspired by music!! PEACE
!!music feeds our soul!!
1. threecheersforsalvation -
2. rising-sun -
3. danceintherain -
4. lotusflowers -
5. i-must-be-mad -
7. enchancer1
1. song which you connect with your childhood
2. song which reminds you of your first love
3. song which you love but actually is embarrassing to admit in the public
4. song which helps by lovesickness
5. song from your fav. band (random)
6. song from your fav. singer (random)
7. song where you feel understand by the lyrics/ where you find yourself
8. song that allows you to relax
9. your favourite song forever
10. song which you would dedicate a friend
11. song where you can let off steam the best
12. fav. movie soundtrack
13. fav. love ballad
14. song with the best (dance-)video
15. song that reminds you of a special happening
16. song which you listen right in this moment
17. fav. song from an artist, who comes from your home country (germany, america, spain, japan etc..)
18. song that you like because of its lyrics
19. song where you just want to stand up and dance
20. song that brings tears to your eyes
If you should be finish with the challenge, make a collection with the title: ,,20 SONGS OF MY LIFE''
and send it to us. Can't wait to have a look at them and put them on the HALL OF FAME =))
wishing you a lot of fun musicfreaks! ;)
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