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"Music street Akiba-Minato-Roppongi"
@raphaellakay you looking for where is the best to find music store in Tokyo? 

The information not based on guild book i write it from where i live.

I think the best place for music store are
1. Akibahara or Akiba just short best known for "Electric Town" you can find many music store for every genre of music even underground around the world here.

2.Roppongi-Minato here where i live i get used to living on this place wake up to see the Oricon chart everyday,the Oricon chart is located here of course you can find music store every corner of street as the same time get fast music update what's new on the big electric broad esp.Japan has support section to sell copied,or download single for every artist that why AKB48 can sold 1 million copied in 1 day how possible lets see they promote on every store around this area it's around 600+ stores i found it on update shop last month sure you will not disappoint to see music alive here.

3.The Sony building area is the best place to get to buy mainly urban/pop/world music & can enjoying music event.we can find many artist come to promote their work on this street ,see the picture[building on left hand] also not just J-artist on this place famous artist around the world&K-pop ever came to promoted their music before..

just don't missed to visit Akiba-Minato-Roppongi-Ginza actually all these places located so near each other or you can find Tokyo Tower as your landmark and start walking ,my life is there everyday haha<3

P.S i ship this couple so hard Gakky meet Pi
and finally i can bring Pi to my page i missed him<3
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