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BrandMusic Legs
  • Music Legs
  • Pentagram Side Tights
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    Pentagram Side Tights
    Born Evil Pentagram Tights cuz ya carry it in your soul, bb. These devastating tights feature a stretchy black opaque construction and white pentagrams runnin’ down the sides of yer legs.
  • Nude Skeleton Tights
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    Nude Skeleton Tights
    Get A Grip Skeleton Tights will take yer dirty secrets to tha grave. These sik sheer tights features a nude construction with skeleton designs on each of yer legs with one looking like its bony hands have a hold on yew.
  • Vinyl Mesh Leggings
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    Vinyl Mesh Leggings
    Draco Cut-Out Leggings are gunna slice ‘em ‘N dice ‘em, bb. These sikk leggings feature a slick wetlook style black construction, high waist, curve huggin’ fit, and mesh cut out panels down both legs.
  • Spiderweb Sheer Tights
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    Spiderweb Sheer Tights
    Wicked Web Tights are gunna get ya all caught up, babe. These amazing sheer nude tights feature tonz of webby graphics all over.
  • Zipper Print Thigh Highs
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    Zipper Print Thigh Highs
    Unzip Me, BB Tights don’t U wanna see my bare skin, bb~? These supa hot tights feature sheer nude tops fer a thigh-high look, and opaque black bottoms with zip style backseams.
  • Bandage Stripe Tights
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    Bandage Stripe Tights
    Bandaged Up Tights cuz these wounds won’t ever heal, bb. These sikk tights feature crisscrossing opaque black striping and sheer construction.
  • Black Houndstooth Pattern Tights
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    Black Houndstooth Pattern Tights
    Houndz Teeth Tights are gunna rip ‘em to shreds. These sikk tights feature a stretchy pull on fit and sheered out houndstooth print.
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