Mutations and Clans

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The Mutations are all split into clans. There are four clans and five mutations in each.
The Ashura (The Protectors)
Butterfly wings
Mermaid tail
White symbols
crystallized skin
The Akira (The Warriors)
Cat Eyes
Cheetah Spots
Aztec Symbols
Elf Ears
The Dannallis (The Dangerous)
Dragon Claws
Demon Claws
Vampire Fangs
Raven Hair
The Evidone (The Seekers)
Third Eye
Bunny Ears
Skeleton symbols
Misted Cystal
Saturn Symbol
  • We ❤ It
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    "♦ The Ashura Clan
    (The Protectors)
    ♦ Known for their grace and helpful tactics. They are kind people who sacrifice a lot for others.
    ♦ Led by:" — @sushi-rxll
    Image shared by kattlovesyouu on We Heart It: discover inspiring photos.
  • Photography by Rosie Hardy
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    "♦ Wings
    ♦ They can fold into your back
    ♦ Your glow a bright white and control the earth. Weather, plants, and water. But these powers can take a toll on you." — @sushi-rxll
    Photography by Rosie Hardy. Rosie is a worldwide photographer based in Manchester, UK. View the website
  • Blue Butterfly Fairy Cape Cloak Blue and Black Isis Wings Costume Short Small
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    "♦ Butterfly Wings
    ♦ They come in different colors
    ♦ You can shrink" — @sushi-rxll
    This beautiful cloak is made in printed cotton. Is inspired in a real butterfly, so i make a small cape with black feathers of high quality and then the long and beautiful wings. I made the cloak in cotton but i need about 4-6 weeks to have it ready. I am working in a faster way for the future.
  • A Mermaid’s Tail A real-Life Mermaid Who Swims With the Sharks and Can Hold Her Breath for 2 Minutes Underwater
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    "♦ Mermaid Tail
    ♦ When ever your in contact with heavy water, your legs go and a tail comes." — @sushi-rxll
    Hannah Fraser, 36, is a professional underwater swimmer, ocean activist, model and artist. This Aust...
  • 24 Claw Point False Nails Stone
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    "♦ White Symbols
    ♦ They glow
    ♦ You can heal yourself and others." — @sushi-rxll
    Nails are in sizes 0 – 9 with an extra pair of size 5 & 6 (So you receive 24 altogether) My nails are reusable as many customers tell me they use my
  • Colorful Crystal Leggings Stockings
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    "♦ Crystallized Skin
    ♦ Usually the legs or the finger tips
    ♦ You control stars" — @sushi-rxll
    Colorful Crystal Leggings Stockings Free Size, one size fits most. Comes in 7 colors: Black, Burgundy, Shell Pink, Navy Blue, Grey, Coffee, Cream *****PROMO***** Enter coupon codes below during checkout to enjoy instant discount!! CODE "5OFF", save $5 on orders over $60 CODE "10OFF", save $10 on orders over $100
  • We ❤ It
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    "♦ The Akira Clan
    (The Warriors)
    ♦ The people of this clan are strong, fast, deadly and loyal. Tails are usually jumpy. Cat eyes are wise, cheetah spots are cocky, aztecs are hella scary and elves are often quiet..
    Led By:" — @sushi-rxll
    Image shared by hisham salem on We Heart It: discover deer, winter, and road photos.
  • The tail for humans that wags when you're happy
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "♦ Tails
    ♦ They come in different sizes and lengths
    ♦ You have heightened senses" — @sushi-rxll
    The Sun
  • 15 Macro Shots Of Cat Eyes From My Recent Cat-O-Shoot
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    "♦ Cat Eyes
    ♦ They come in different colors. You also have Cat like reflexes." — @sushi-rxll
    I am a cat photographer based in Philadelphia. I've done photo shoots with celebrity clients, such as Lil Bub, Pudge, and Grumpy Cat. My latest series is macro shots of cats' eyes.
  • Cheetah on Black
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    "♦ Cheetah Spots
    ♦ You have super speed. The spots are usually on your legs, arms and/or neck." — @sushi-rxll
    Photo portfolio of Katheryn Navas on 500px. A very long time ago, when the earth was first created, all the animals came down onto the savanna. The animals, birds, insects were all different shapes and different colors. When the cheetah first came to the earth, just like all other animals, it shook its body and stretched its legs, and took a deep breath of the new clean air. The cheetah thought if felt very good to be alive. Each animal had to get used to its own body, so the cheetah started running and found out it could run very very fast. The cheetah ran and ran across the vast plains of the world. After a time of wandering the plains alone, the cheetah became lonely, and decided to look for friends of its own kind. One day, the cheetah, with its great eyesight, spotted some large cats off in the distance and eagerly went running as fast as she could toward these cats. As she was running toward them, one of the cats, which was much larger than the others, stood up and roared. The loud noise frightened the cheetah and she dug her claws into the dirt and came to abrupt halt. The cat was a big male lion, and he roared out to the cheetah in a very low booming voice, "Who are you and what do you want?" The cheetah, which is much smaller in size than a lion and who by nature is a very shy and timid animal, said "I am lonely and have been searching the savanna trying to find friends of my own kind." The lion roared, "Well, you are not a lion! Look at your legs and body, you are much thinner than we are. And look at your feet, you have claws like a dogs. Your claws do not retract all the way back into your feet like ours do. You are not a cat, you are a dog. So, you better run away fast and try to find someone in your own family." The cheetah lowered her head and put her tail down, and crept away feeling a bit discouraged. She thought big cats were very unfriendly. The cheetah continued her search looking for a friend of her own kind. The days went by. Then one day, the cheetah saw a pack of wild dogs playing in the sun. The cheetah went racing up to the pack. The whole pack was yelping and barking furiously. The cheetah stopped immediately, and the pack leader yelped at her, "Who are you and what do you want?" The cheetah began to tell the wild dogs her story about trying to find a family of her own. During her search, she was scared by a lion and saddened when he told her that the cheetah was not a cat, but a dog. The whole pack of wild dogs howled in laughter, and barked at her, "You are not a dog at all. Look at your round head and ears, and your rough tongue. They are like a cat's. Your tail is long just like the other cats. You are not a dog at all!" The pack chased the cheetah off, biting at her heels. This time the cheetah raced away very fast because she was scared. After running a safe distance from the dogs, the cheetah laid down to rest under a big camel thorn tree. She felt sad. She thought about how the lion roared and did not want her, and how the wild dogs yelped and bit at her feet, and she felt sadder and sadder. The cheetah felt so sad that started to cry. She was very lonely. The cheetah did not realize that any other animals were near her. A giraffe had walked up quietly while the cheetah was crying. The giraffe, looking down at the cheetah with its big brown eyes, asked, "Why are you crying?" The cheetah was very surprised when the giraffe spoke. The cheetah looked up tearfully at the giraffe and proceeded to tell her sad story about the lions roaring and telling her she was not a cat, and the wild dogs chasing her and saying she was not a dog. Sniffling, the cheetah said, "I have been sitting here crying, and I have cried so long and so hard--look at my beautiful face, the tears have burnt marks in my face." A bird that was flying by the camel thorn tree saw the beautiful cheetah and chirped, "I have traveled throughout this land and you, cheetah, are the most splendid and unique of all the cats I have seen." The cheetah has had spots ever since that lonely day. And it chirps like a bird to show how pro
  • 40 Aztec Tattoo Designs For Men And Women
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    "♦ Aztec Symbols
    ♦ The symbol is lighter on women. It covers both arms and sometimes goes to the back and the legs.
    ♦ You have super strength" — @sushi-rxll
    To know about Aztec culture and their deities, you will have to do some in-depth research so that you can include them as part of the Aztec tattoo designs.
  • Melynda Moon Has Her Ears Surgically Modified to Look Like an Elf | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities
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    "♦ Elf Ears
    ♦ Your hair is bright blonde.
    ♦ Your a master at any and every weapon." — @sushi-rxll
    Melynda Moon has always been fascinated by elves, fairies and everything supernatural. In 2011, she had surgery to make her ears pointier and become a real-life elf.
  • Minimalission via Tumblr We Heart It
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    "♦ The Danallis Clan
    (The Dangerous)
    ♦ They aren't bad people people but they tend to make bad choices. They have blood from the past on their hands, or horrid story to tell. But they are survivors and often have a lot of determination.
    Led By:" — @sushi-rxll
    Minimalission | via Tumblr on We Heart It
  • Eldritch Nightgaunt Claws Sculpted Horror Costume rings with vintage glass stones 5 Ring set Made To Order
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    "♦ Dragon Claws
    ♦ They're retractable and are either gold or silver.
    ♦ You can grow scales, your claws cut deep, and you have a mighty roar." — @sushi-rxll
    Eldritch Nightgaunt Claws One Full Hand Sculpted horror costume rings with vintage glass stones 5 rings These made to order nail claw rings are
  • Leaf claws or fingertips,claw rings, nail tips, set of 5 pcs. made with hematite crystals in brass
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    "♦ Demon claws
    ♦ Always black
    ♦ They cut deep and they're retractable but they're also poisonous." — @sushi-rxll
    Leaf claws or fingertips,claw rings, nail tips, set of 5 pcs. made with hematite crystals in brass color metal This rings are made of a light alloy
  • Pinterest
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    "♦ Vampire fangs
    ♦ You don't crave blood but your eyes do go red when in use." — @sushi-rxll
    Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.
  • dead girls
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    "♦ Raven Hair
    ♦ You can have any hair color. But when this mutation is in action, your hair turns a dark raven.
    ♦ You can breath Poison and different potions." — @sushi-rxll
  • Customizable Cropped Stash Vest
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "♦ Fur
    ♦ When you feel angry, you get furry.
    ♦ Always hot, always angry, but can control fire." — @sushi-rxll
    Design your own furry hooded reversible vest to wear to your next event! Choose your fur and liners from our options in the photos and send us a message to get started! Vest has a hood and is reversible and cropped just below the bust to show off your tummy zippered access to the inside of the vest makes it 100%stashable ears can be added at no extra charge wolf cat bunny owl fox the vest comes in 4 sizes xs s m l fur options are as follows solid fur hedgehog fur owl fur exotic animal fur liner options crushed stretch velvet spandex solid fleece solid flannel plaid cotton print velboa print disco spandex
  • Lucky Blue Smith is New York!!!
    More info
    "♦ The Evidone Clan
    (The seekers)
    ♦ Often royalty of close to the king. They are the highest of the high. The are insanely smart, and deadly. The rule over the other clans and aren't afraid to show you your place.
    Led by:" — @sushi-rxll
    See what he's been up to and if he's got meet-ups planned!
  • The Spiritual Eye How to Decalcify Activate Your Pineal Gland
    More info
    "♦ Third eye
    ♦ Usually it's a circle or triangle on your forehead. But stronger ones actually have eyes on their hands.
    ♦ You can use mind control, mind reading telekinesis." — @sushi-rxll
    The Spiritual Eye: How to Decalcify & Activate Your Pineal Gland
  • hot-blond-bunny-ears. | AA-VINTAGE | Pinterest
    More info
    "♦ Bunny Ears
    ♦ Come in different sizes and different colors.
    ♦ You can time travel. Minutes, hours, days years, centuries even. But if your not careful, you could erase yourself." — @sushi-rxll
  • Day of the Dead Tattoo Images
    More info
    "♦ Skeleton Symbol
    ♦ Can be found anywhere on your body. Always black.
    ♦ Your invisible" — @sushi-rxll
    These Day of the Dead tattoo ideas show that skulls don't have to scary; they can be festive. Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico on November first. It's a day to remember loved ones who have passed away, and colorful, fanciful skeleton figures represent the souls of the dead. You can use these ideas to create a design of your own and perhaps even use your body art as a memorial for your own dearly departed.
  • Crystal Necklace Pendant Stone Jewelry- Rose Quartz Amethyst Opal Fluorite Reiki Chakra Boho Bohemian Hippie Tumblr Chokers Womens Jewelry
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    "♦ Misted Crystal
    ♦ In the center of your neck is crystal
    ♦ You control the Air" — @sushi-rxll
    If you like these youll love the items on my new website! Check them out at (: Shaped and polished stones put on the end of a
  • p0rnstar
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    "♦ Saturn Symbol
    ♦ Located anywhere on your body, any color.
    ♦ You control gravity" — @sushi-rxll

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Also, just make your auditions. Right now, everyone seems to be evening out instead taking things everyone else already has. Just don't chose a mutation or a clan that already has a lot of people using it.

Wrote one year ago
The Skeleton Symbol give the power of invisibility


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