Muuto - Flow Cans
  • Muuto Flow jug
    Designer of Flow jug Jakob Wagner on the design: "With the shape of the jug I wanted to tell a straightforward story about its functional anatomy: A large hole to fill the jug, a small hole to pour, a low centre of gravity, and a middle area to get a firm grip. At the same time I wanted to create a flowing balance between these four elements in a way that makes them come together in an organic unity, like a heart and its veins or a tree and its branches. The end result almost makes the jug come alive." Manufacturer: Muuto. Design: Jakob Wagner. Size: 24,5 cm x 13,5 cm, 1150 ml. Material: Handcrafted fine bone china, unglazed and hand polished outside. Color: White.
  • Menu A/S Water Jug/Carafe - 27oz - Steel Lid
    This water jug holds 0.8 L and fits handily in the refrigerator door shelf. The elegant lid of the jug opens automatically when you pour, holds back ice cubes and slices of lemon, and makes sure you avoid off-taste from other foods and drinks in the fridge. The slender shape ensures a good grip on the waist of the jug - and gives it an elegant, unique look. Want more? Packaged in branded gift box.
  • Stelton Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug
    The iconic Stelton Vacuum Jug is designed by the celebrated Scandinavian designer Erik Magnussen. These sleek carafes are as beautiful as they are practical. The unique vapor lock magnetic rocker top and thermal glass vacuum insulates liquids hot or cold for hours. 18/8 Stainless steel. Satin polished; ABS plastic; glass insert. 12"H; 4.2" wide. Imported.
  • Menu A/S Water Jug/Carafe 27oz - Black Lid
    This water jug holds 0.8 L and fits handily in the refrigerator door shelf. The elegant lid of the jug opens automatically when you pour, holds back ice cubes and slices of lemon, and makes sure you avoid off-taste from other foods and drinks in the fridge. The slender shape ensures a good grip on the waist of the jug - and gives it an elegant, unique look. Want more? Packaged in branded gift box.
  • Menu Water Jug
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    Material: Glass, stainless steel, silicone. Unique mechanism locks taste-empowering ingredients in the carafe. When pouring, mechanism works to restrain ice cubes or empowering ingredients such as strawberries, fresh vanilla, liquorice root or cinnamon sticks. Carafe fits in the refrigerator door and is dishwasher safe. Safe for hot and cold liquids. Capacity: 27 oz.
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  • William Yeoward Crystal American Bar Lillian 3 Lip Jug
    Material: handmade glass. Dimensions: H15cm. Capacity: 850ml. Evokes the style and glamour of the 1920’s & 1930’s. Stylish handmade jug. Classic yet contemporary piece. A range of William Yeoward carafes available.
  • Muuto Wicker Bread Basket
    Modern wicker bread basket from Muuto. This gorgeous kitchen accessory exudes a clear Scandinavian aura of style with a contemporary take on the strap, two-direction traditional pattern. It is made from a durable ceramic and plastic composite that is moulded into its final form while it features curved edges with an orignial and eye-catching design. It is designed to be light, with the focus on each individual strap that crosses the other. From designer Cecilie Manz, the bread basket reflects the combination of function and style.
  • Ovente Ovente THB15 Double Wall Vacuum Jug Carafe
    Features: Comes in a beautiful box and instruction manual. Press button top with a switch. Vacuum chamber keeps drinks hot or cold and longer. Capacity: 1.5L. Finish: Stainless steel. Style: Modern Pitchers. Warranty: 1 Year.
  • Muuto White Crushed Bowl
    Unique style comes in the shape of Muuto White Crushed Bowl. The bowl is created from handmade fine new bone china, adding an aura of refinement and elegance to the piece. It is designed to showcase architecture on a large scale through smaller items. The design features several equilateral triangles which combine to offer an aesthetically pleasing accessory. use your bowl to hold items such as potpourri or simply utilise it to create a colourful display with fruit placed inside. Designed by JDS Architects for Muuto, the White Crushed Bowl is available in both a small and large size. Mix both pieces around the home for your own original influence over the designer accessories to grace your interior.
  • Holmegaard Future Jug/Carafe - Aquamarine
    In 2000, Peter Svarrer came up with his answer to the water glass of the future. That glass was Future. A uniquely designed drinking glass with a shape and color choice that are perfectly in tune with today's mode of expression - a whole decade later. This same concept was extended to his creation of the Future Jug. Future is also a reflection of Peter Svarrer's way of thinking that utility items should brighten up everyday life. Mouthblown glass.
  • Muuto Flow Jug
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    Pour drinks in contemporary style with the Muuto flow Jug. The jug is made from handmade fine bone china which has been hand polished and offers a modern take on a traditional kitchen classic. Each piece channels simple design with minimal detailing in the large hold for filling the jug with liquid and a smaller hole for pouring through. With a solid structure to offer a firm grip when pouring, this jug combines the aspects that join them in a natural way, offering a sense of life to the piece. Finished in a spotless shade of white, this jug will make a great addition to your home. Use it for storing milk, orange juice or water. Designed by Jakob Wagner for Muuto, the Flow Jug is available in two different sizes.
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  • Menu Pil Bredahl Water Jug
    Simple and elegant design. Slender shape. Lid automatically opens when pouring. Capacity: 43 oz. Material: Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Silicone. Hand wash recommended. Complements the Pil Bredahl Collection.
  • Muuto Surface Egg Cups Set Of 2
    Dig in and bring the Muuto Surgace Egg Cups Set to light. Made from porcelain, the egg cup set is as practical; as it is stylish. The minute sculpture platter has three small dents: One for the boiled egg, one for the shells and the other for salt. Alternatively, the other two indents can be used to hold other items depending on how you like your eggs in the morning. Bring a unique touch to your breakfast table each morning with this stunning set. Designed by Ole Jensen for Muuto, the Surface Egg Cups Set Of 2 comes in a white finish, adding a gleaming addition to the breakfast table.
  • William Yeoward Crystal American Bar Dakota Carafe Bottle
    Material: handmade glass. Dimensions: H24cm. Capacity: 1000ml. Price is per glass. Evokes the style and glamour of the 1920s & 1930s. Completely handmade with honest craftsmanship. Hand wash with warm soapy water.
  • Muuto Bulky Sugar Bowl
    Indulge your sweet tooth with the Muuto Bulky Sugar Bowl. Made from porcelain, the bowl is a contemporary take on a traditionally classic piece. With oversized detailing, it is an expressive piece comprising a rounded bulky body and large lid. The look of the sugar bowl offers a playful aura with the design inspired by fairy tales and children's stories. Let your imagination run wild as you give in to the sugar cravings by having one in your tea or over your morning cereal. Designed by Jonas Wagell for Muuto, the Bulky Sugar Bowl is available in three colour finishes. The sugar bowl comes from the Bulky range from Muuto. Mix it with other items such as the Bulky Cup Set and Tea Pot to create your own tea set.
  • Fontana 1L Water Carafe By Blomus
    The Fontana water jug features just the right design for serving water in style while adding colorful accents to contemporary tables. The slender silhouette of the jug is topped by an exceedingly elegant and highly innovative closure. The ingenious design of this closure ensures drip-free pouring even into small glasses with the water passing between the protective stainless steel lid and the smoothly shaped rim. The lid also serves to retain ice cubes and the like. The body of the jugs are made of heat resistant glass.
  • Muuto Bulky Milk Jug
    Made from porcelain, this milk jug is a contemporary take on a traditionally classic piece. With oversized detailing, it is an expressive piece with a bulky body, large lifting handle, pouring spout and large lid. The look of the milk jug offers a playful aura with the design inspired by fairy tales and children's stories. Let your imagination run wild by pouring milk into your cereal or adding the final touch to your tea from this piece every day. Designed by Jonas Wagell for Muuto, the Bulky Milk Jug is available in three colour finishes.
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  • William Yeoward Crystal Country Carafe Bottle
    Material: handmade glass. Dimensions: H34cm. Capacity: 1 litre. Based on simplicity and integrity in form & function. Handmade with elegant simplicity. Perfect for wine or water. One of the most useful pieces of glass you can own. Great for everyday and formal occasions.
  • Muuto - Surface Eggcup
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    The Surface Eggcup was designed for Muuto by the designer Ole Jensen. The inconspicuous object is an eggcup, salt shaker and bin at the same time and this means it is a complete package to enjoy a cooked egg. Egg, salt and accruing waste can be transported to the breakfast table, into the garden, to the bed and back to the kitchen uncomplicatedly and without greater efforts. This versatility is owed to its through thought design and the three troughs: One trough serves as the egg holder itself, the other two buckles can serve as a bowl for accruing eggshells and for salt. Naturally every other spice can be positioned in the cup instead of salt. The Surface Eggcup consists of porcelain and can be easily cleaned therefore. Several eggcups can be stacked for an easier stocking. Moreover every cup has an opening at which it can be hung up if desired.
  • Water Jug with Black Lid design by Menu
    Ice cold water directly from the refrigerator door to your dining table! Menu's tall, slender glass carafe is so simple and elegant that you''ll take pleasure in placing it on the table when you have guests. Designed by Pil Bredahl , the carafe holds 27 ounces and fits on the shelf of your refrigerator door, providing you with fresh cold water any time you wish during the day. Fill the carafe and chill in advance before guests arrive, so you can fully enjoy their company while the party is underway. The carafe''s contoured form ensures a good grip and the lid features a clever mechanism that automatically opens when pouring. The lid keeps ice cubes, lime wedges, mint leaves and other tasteful garnishing inside when pouring, while ensuring that dirt and particles do not filter into the carafe when used outdoors. 27 oz. 10.6"H. Glass, Silicone, Stainless Steel, Plastic. About designer Pil Bredahl : Pil Bredahl trained as a product and furniture designer at the Danish Design School. Since qualifying, she has worked with experimental one-off furniture designs, on various projects and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad as well as producing stunning, award-winning functional designs for Menu. PilÂ's water carafe is the latest in her line of successful products for Menu Â- a beautiful and original carafe that offers innovative groundbreaking functionality.
  • Muuto - Crushed Bowl
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    The designer Julien de Smedt for Muuto conveys the principles of the large-sized architecture on a small object. The Crushed Bowl is made of equilateral triangles, which are arranged after principles, which architects use to the modelling of computer models. This procedure makes the Crushed Bowl to a sculptural object, which reminds of architecture and set itself apart from the bulk of the bowls. The geometric shape of the bowl find their analogy in their name: Crushed. And they seem just like a broken shape of the bowl of JDS Architects. The Crushed Bowls are not only nice to look at, but also nice to feel and can be used for all kinds of contents.
  • William Yeoward Crystal Wisteria Carafe - Bottle
    Material: handmade glass. Dimensions: H21.5cm. Capacity: 800ml. Handmade with sheared edges. Robust and stylishly hand engraved. Perfect for entertaining inside and outside. Hand wash with warm soapy water. Dry when still warm.
  • Muuto Crushed Bowl
    The Crushed bowls show big-scale architecture applied on small scale objects. The bowls are composed of equilateral triangles and principles we use for big-scale computer modeling. Adding human ergonomics and aesthetics to the equation we have derived a series of vessels that are carefully crushed for everyday use. In detail: Type : Bowl. Colour : White - Large. Material : Handmade fine bone china. Dimensions : ø 29 cm x H 16 cm.
  • Denby Dinnerware, White Large Jug
    The clean, crisp lines and cool, glazed hue of this large jug from Denby's white dinnerware and dishes collection will infuse your tabletop with modern style. 0.8 liter. White. Porcelain.
  • Muuto - Wicker Breadbasket
    The Wicker bread basket by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz resembles classic bread baskets, however differs by its extraordinary material and the processing. Wicker is a basket for daily breakfast bread. The basket has clear resemblances with typically Scandinavian baskets: Wide and thin ligaments are interwoven in different directions. Only this time the basket is produced with totally other methods and materials: A durable mixture of ceramics and plastic is poured in a form to its final form. The outcome of this is the bright and hollowed form of Wicker, which emphasizes the different directions of the single ligaments. A textile cloth of 100% cotton belongs to the basket as well, which is inserted into it and catches the crumb of the pastries.
  • Stelton Open Box - Kontra Vacuum Beverage Jug
    This is an OPEN BOX Item. Item is in like-new condition but box has been opened. Returns are not accepted on open box items. Elegant and organic forms are at the heart of the new thermo jug, Kontra. The jug’s sculptural and organic forms are reminiscent of 1950’s design, while a sharp edge and the glossy surface signify development. A complete and uninterrupted path extends from the jug’s spout to the handle, down through the jug’s body and back up to the spout. Kontra features a harmonic design where the handle is a natural part of the jug’s form. The jug can be poured with just one hand - simple click on the top activates the open/close function. The organic and sculptural look also makes the jug a work of art in itself. Holds 1 liter.