Is it ‘muy importante’ or ‘mucho importante’? Or even ‘muchísimo importante’?
My Spanish = white girl who thinks she knows what she’s saying but really has no clue. 
Lo siento, por favor perdóname. I don’t even know if that’s correct either, lol.
Maybe I should just stop now…

I have a few things I would like / need to share with you lovely ladies.

1. I started school today and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s fashion design school in case you’re wondering. I haven’t told some of you yet, but I finally enrolled lol. I won’t have much time to be on Polyvore in the future, with now working and going to school. I will, however, try to get on as much as I can fit into my schedule. This leads into my roleplays. As far as BAI is concerned, nothing will change except for the fact that I might be a little bit later on my stories than normal. For GQ, BH, and PR, I will most definitely try my best to get my stories and sets out asap. If, for some reason, I cannot make sets for a particular roleplay I will message the moderators about it.

2. Valentine’s Day! I know it’s a little early, but I would like to give out Valentines to all my lovelies on here. So, if you want one (and your parents are okay with you giving out your address – I don’t want anyone’s parents freaking out that their daughter got a Valentine card in the mail from some creepy chick in Texas), please message me with your address. If you feel safer emailing it to me, that’s fine. My email is This was a “spur-of-the-moment” idea so I may or may not actually send out Valentines to everyone. In fact, what do you guys think about this idea, stupid or cute?

3. I have to write a paper for school on a designer or design era (ex: roaring 20’s, Victorian, etc.) and I wanted to know if you guys have any good ideas what / who I should write about. No Coco Chanel, she’s been done so many times my professor knows her whole life story by now lol.

If you read this all type ‘MUY BUENO!’
Love my mad Spanish skills? PSYCH. :)

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