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HERE YOU GUYS, PART TWO 'Project Monster'

Chapter seven: "The Muzzled Man"

This kinda really short and more like an introduction than a full chapter. LISTEN TO THIS OLD SONG I GUESS.


There was a buzz. The very distinct click of a door unlocking. His eyes flutter open, but the flickering fluorescence of the light perched above the examination table is too bright for him, so they settle closed once more. It is a familiar feeling, the cool metal of the examination table and the thick chains wrapped around and around his wrists and ankles, strapping him to the floor. He did not know why they were there, he would not try to go anywhere. Then again, he did not know why he was there, so where would he go? He didn’t know who he was.

Voices mumble, fading in and out of coherency to his ears. One familiar one. An older man’s voice. Gruff with age and experience, but with the ever present pride and curiosity. He calls this man the Scientist. He has never seen his face because the light blocks it out, but he wears a tattered white lab jacket with two pens and a sharpie in the pocket. The Scientist is always present when he awakes on the table. The other voice is cool and reserved. Judgmental, almost. This is a new voice.

“-good for----readjusted the fla--------his hair is a side-effect-----very useful-----much better than the other batch---------calmer, too-------takes orders-----” Where the words the Scientist ranted on about. Judge mumbled something in return, and there was the sound of scribbling on a clipboard.

“M-G, You know the drill.” The Scientist addressed him as such. But he felt it was not his real name, it was a label of sorts. He nodded, his hair sticking to the metal table with static. He felt the familiar pressure on his lips. He opened them, allowing the Scientist to place a small pill in his mouth. He swallowed, and almost instantly it became dark.


He was in the third room, now. The third that he knew. There were only three. The examination room, his cell, and this room. It was made entirely of concrete and painted white. It seemed empty, but he knew somewhere there was a window that he could not see into but the Scientist saw out of. There was a large railing in the wall a ways up, a balcony that he had never seen used.

The usual thing always happened here. The Scientist’s voice rang out from speakers he couldn’t find in the room.

“M-G, exhibit yourself for our guest.”

He nodded timidly, his white hair falling into his eyes. A buff man in a uniform that looked familiar came up to him, removing the spiked lip-piercing that M-G had. It went through both of his lips, keeping them shut. Only people with the Scientist’s permission removed it. M-G had never tried to take it out himself. Why would he? The Scientist fed him and kept him healthy. M-G heard the familiar clink as Uniform unchained his ankles and hands from the wall, and a soft slide as whatever invisible door slid back into place.

“First, M-G, eliminate the enemy.” 

A dozen white mannequins rose from below the concrete. Each was labeled with levels of stability, the ones farthest away being the ones hardest to take down. He looked nervously in the direction of the balcony.

“Our friend here will take out outside the fort if you can prove yourself.”


“That’s right.” There was a smile in the Scientist’s voice.

Outside. What did it look like? He wanted to know, but at the same time he didn’t want to leave the security the fort offered. There was a deep longing in his gut, one M-G had always assumed the Scientist had put there falsely, to help him out of being so shy. M-G let it fester and consume him. Suddenly he felt very angry. He felt a wave of heat as his white hair flashed to a deep blood red. The side of his face felt like scalding water was the familiar tattoo of a scar appeared over his left eye.

M-G reached his arm out, and with a small crackling spark at his fingertips, all of the mannequins irrupted into flame. He took his hand down, and the fire disappeared, leaving only ashes in piles across the concrete room. His hair fell back into place, white as the walls.

“Well done. Bring in M-T.O.” The Scientist said harshly. M-G flinched, he had never heard him talk so ruffly. Directly across from him, another camouflaged door slid open, and the buff man pushed forward a tall young man, around the same age as M-G thinks himself. 

This man, M-T.O, was bound much tighter that M-G had ever been and he even had a muzzle on his face. The uniformed man takes off this muzzle, but restrains him while another unchains his hands and ankles. They then slide out of vision. The concrete clicks as the invisible door locks.

M-T.O pivoted, throwing fists at the concrete. He didn’t seem to even notice that his knuckles were bleeding. When M-G flinched, trying to disappear into the wall behind him, the the man who had been muzzled turned slowly to face him. He had high cheekbones and a cocky expression in his eyes. It was intimidating.

“Dragon. Look what they’ve done to you.” He sounded sympathetic. Apologetic, even. But not truly sorry. M-G swallowed and looked nervously at the balcony. He could feel the other boy sneer from across the room.

“You once told me you’d never be tamed.” The muzzled man had eyes filled with scorn. And then suddenly he was gone. A light after image of his shape. “Liar.” 

His voice was suddenly in M-G’s ear. He spun around. The other man was behind him, a wicked grin on his face. There was a gun in his hands. He hadn’t had a gun before.

“M-G, attack him.”

“See?” The muzzled man said. “You’re his pet.” He spit the word.

“M-G, I am losing my patience.”

“A science project. Don’t you remember me, Dragon?” There was a tap, and the Scientist appeared over the edge of the balcony, muttering something to the Judge. He pointed down at the muzzled man, and a quick zap filled the air. It felt like static. M-T.O was convulsing. Electrocuted. They’d never done that to M-G before. The muzzled man stood, the light gone from his eyes. He looked unresponsive and cold.

“M-T.O, don’t tease. Attack him.” M-T.O raised his gun. “M-G, defend yourself.”

The muzzled man shot his gun. Everything was very slow. The bang had not even registered in the room. The bullet stopped midair and irrupted in flame. Making a miniature explosion. It sent M-T.O stumbling a little bit backwards, which gave M-G enough time to run under the balcony and hide from the Scientist’s view. Something was very wrong. The muzzled man was very familiar. It seemed as though he’d known him for a very long time.

M-T.O spun around, fury raw in his eyes. But he was no longer dead inside, and he recognized M-G the same way he had before. He opened his mouth to say something, but was struck down by a muscled man in uniform, who started to drag his unconscious body from the concrete room.

“Congratulations, M-G, you win by default.”


“Yes.” He didn’t have to see him to know he was smiling. “Did you think I gave you such talents for fun? You will fight.”

Experiment. Pet. M-T.O had been right. M-G didn’t have time to register much, for the very moment the thoughts landed in his head, they were chased away by some unknown haze. Why should he worry? The Scientist would keep him safe. The concrete door slid open and spit out a skinny boy, his black hair sticking up on end. He looked around, disoriented as M-G had been. He must win, M-G thought. He must please the Scientist.

As if the skinny boy had caught on to this, he glanced up at the balcony. He looked startled to find a face to match the voice. A cold determination slid across his face like thick fog. M-G felt that same fog invade his mind, muddle his thoughts. He felt it pick through everything and discard it. M-G flared up and sparked in the direction he thought the skinny boy stood.

It chased the fog out of his mind, but there was a black mark on the wall feet from where the boy currently was. His face had paled and had several cracks running from his eyes to his chin, like he was a china doll someone had dropped. His eyes started to glow with an odd light as the cool fog reached for M-G’s mind again. 

It had been happening, but the fire that rioted inside M-G’s veins was less directed and careless with this boy, as well as the muzzled one. It was almost as though they were familiar. People he should know......

“M-S, his thoughts are lies, attack.” The skinny boy snapped back. His fog reaching with more force.

“He does not lie.” M-S said, after a moment. “He knows me, and I know him.”

“No you do not.” There was panic in his voice. The judge muttered something about how it was a bad idea to keep them in a room together, after all Monster Top’s mind had not been totally lost to the memory removal operation.

Monster Top. M-T.O? T.O.P. Top had ice blue hair, of course he had had a gun. He had always had a gun. He was cocky. And he had been muzzled. M-S? Seungri? Was he this skinny boy? Something flashed in M-S’s eyes, a recognition. But M-G did not understand it. His mind slipped back into trusting the Scientist. The Scientist was God, and M-G must always always please him.

The misty eyed boy turned his attention to the balcony and suddenly the whole room started to shake.

“M-S, Stop this at once!” The Scientist’s forceful voice shook as well, with fear. The Judge calmly excited the room, marking in scribbles on his clipboard. This misty-eyed boy was scaring M-G’s god. 

An unnatural growl rocketed around the concrete room, which temporarily stopped shaking as Seungri’s misty eyes searched for the source of the sound. It had come from M-G’s throat. He looked startled.

“Dragon---” He started, but had no time. M-G had been entirely consumed by the deep anger. His appearance was different from his meek-white haired prisoner, but also different from the red hair and horn he sprouted from his temple when making the room combust. 

It was a form that the Scientist had spent excess time trying to quell. Even from the shaking balcony above, he could feel it. Peering over the edge, his fears were confirmed. The air surrounding M-G had darkened and was thick with slow moving smoke, there was the very distinct crackling sound.

M-G’s blood red hair stood up on end, fully revealing the side-effect that was only present in this man who was once called Dragon. A tattooed black scar that was only present when M-G used his power was over his left eye. M-G crouched over the skinny Seungri, who now had his back to the floor, eyes wide with horror. M-G was snarling, a wild, animal like lust for murder in his dark red eyes. The Scientist called this effect ‘Monster Instinct’. A mishap in the alteration of the previous gang leader’s DNA. It was active in G-Dragon, and G-Dragon alone.

The Scientist heard the Judge applaud and cackle his madman laugh. This man was Professor Harriet, and he was here to evaluate the work of the aging master of human experimentation; Professor York. The shriveled Scientist who clung to the metal railing of the balcony, staring in mute terror at the monsters he’d created.


When Seungri lost consciousness, M-G’s Monster Instinct seemed satisfied and receded once more to the depths of his subconscious. M-G’s white hair settled like fresh snow upon his forehead, and the poor shy boy collapsed as well. Professor Harriet had shown up two weeks earlier than planned and demanded to see York’s creations. So he had.

He had laid out careful examinations to test each of his subjects. He showed Harriet the tapes of their arrival to the fort, their reaction to the white cells they were thrown into, and then the actual surgeries. York had a passion for science and a craving for fame, but he could tell that Harriet was far far worse, with a blood-chilling need to see humans suffer. He seemed to enjoy the operations the most. He then called each sample in, one by one, to the examination table and had shown Harriet the basic put-together. 

Then, in the same order, he had taken each to the Concrete Arena to show off their new fantastical powers. Taeyang had gone first. When York explained that T had been equipped with the ability to manipulate the minds of others, Harriet had practically jumped from the balcony to get down and have it happen to himself. T had calmly looked him over once, listed all of Harriet’s physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, the slim odds that Harriet had of defeating T, and then began to invade his mind. Harriet had brought his pocket knife to his own throat, drawing blood, before York sent the military men in to remove it. Perhaps a scar would keep the young fool at bay.

It did not. Daesung was next. The muscled, rampaging blonde man had not changed much. Only now the pleasant, friendly likeness of a child he had once possessed had been replaced by the charging fury of a poorly fed bull. His chains were twice in size and in number than the ones that had restrained the others. They were removed from behind the wall, so that no one would have to enter the room with him. 

He had a shining nose piece that York had a detonator to, it worked like a dog collar with an invisible fence. If Dae breathed at a time that York decided was unsuitable, he would be unconscious in seconds. The piercing consisted of three parts sticking out of his nose, like three silver bull horns. The chain at the base was connected to the piercing in his ear.

As the mannequins were destroyed by Dae, York explained that the snake like black tattoos on his chest were so that one could know when he was using his power, it was useful to York. It was present in all five of them, and had come from the DNA of a chameleon lizard. 

He also explained that Dae could sense the weak spots in things he is attacking, which helps him become more precise with his punches. One punch of Dae’s intensified strength in the correct location could kill a man. It certainly took down the fake ones.

Seungri had gone next. Harriet had demanded to know why T and Seungri’s special skills were so similar. York explained that they were like two sides of a coin, T is able to manipulate bodies and see odds of victory, while Seungri is able to tear apart minds and remove memories. 

He also explained that Seungri had developed a side effect, similar to Dragon’s ‘Monster Instinct’ that York called ‘Hack’, that allowed him to manipulate technology.

T.O.P, naturally, had the ability to call forth any weapon on his radar. It had a ten mile radius, and he usually picked guns. He also had the ability to manipulate other human’s perception of time, creating an effect that made it seem like he was warping from one place to the next in a blink of an eye. 

Top, for an unknown reason, had not responded well to the attempted removal of his memories. He was the exact opposite of Dragon, who had succumbed to the belief that he had no life previous to this one. Which had resulted in the muzzling of T.O.P.

Professor Harriet had demanded to see them face each other. York had said that it was not a very good idea, but after Dragon had demonstrated his affinity with fire, Harriet had convinced him that it would be better to test them against another human. He had then snickered and said ‘Excuse me, I meant monster.’ 

It was only when Seungri had manipulated the technology to make the room shake and when Dragon had let loose Monster Instinct for the first time that he realized exactly what he’d done.

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Wrote 4 years ago
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you shouldn't be tho.


cause you write amaze-balls-ing-ly.



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