So my prom isn’t until June 13 2014 - I know I am super early but I thought I would share with you my dress and just my personal review on it incase you want to get the same one :)

Now lets get started!

Dress: Sherri Hill 11086 (pictured above)

Price: $480 (I know it’s super pricy but I think it was worth it and I am so thankful that I got it)

Quality: It is excellent quality! When I first saw the picture online, I didn’t believe it would actually look like that in person but it does! Normally, compared to the one on line the real one is more cheap looking and not made of the best materials but this dress is right on. But I guess you’re kinda paying for that.

Sizing: The lady that was helping me pick out the dress was like “Sherri Hill dresses always run small so I think you’d need a bigger size” But I tried on the only one that they had in stock and it fit me perfectly. It was like we were meant to be.

How To Wear: When I do finally wear it out I think I will wear a pair of thin gold hoops and then just a chunky turquoise bracelet or ring. Then for shoes I think a brown-sh pair of heals will look amazing with it.

Let me know what you think of the dress below!

Should I make a tip about the best prom dress style for your body type? Comment that down below as well!

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Wrote three years ago
could you post a pic of you wearing it?? pleaseeeee

Wrote three years ago
SPECTACULAR dress!! You are going to look great!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
That is so beautiful!!!



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