I looked in the mirror at my porcelain skin while I slipped on my new bronze ring. I was depressed, while all the lucky girls were going off to Emily R. Jenkins Academy of Fashion, I was going to private school and living home. I had dreamed of going but not even that I got rejected, I hadn't even received my letter.
My blackberry buzzed which snapped me out of my daze. It was my boyfriend Heath, he knew how upset I was and gave me a lot of support.
I threw my phone on to my king sized bed and walked through my bathroom to my loft. I opened my planner and picked up my Louis Vuitton pen. I flipped to next wednsday and crossed out MOVE TO BOARDING SCHOOL! I had been so sure i was going to get in.
"Lina! Lina!" my mom walked in to the loft as i looked up. She was petite, so I guess I got my model height from Daddy. 
She slammed a letter on to my oak desk. I looked over and saw a letter then I looked up at my mom. She crossed her arms over her Fendi jersey tank dress and motioned toward the letter. 
I placed my thin hand on the white old looking letter. I opened it slowly, then saw a very formal looking paper. 
I unfolded it and read the first line:
Lina Avery Carmichael,
This is a letter on behalf of your application to the Emily R. Jenkins Academy of Fashion. We have carefully assessed your portfolio, and formally invite you to be apart of our institute. 
There was more writing but that's all I needed to see. 
"OH MY GOD Mom! Look, Mom Look!" she shook her head, i guess she already knew. I ran through my bathroom and pulled out my luggage set and already began to pack, regardless that i still had four days.


Wrote 7 years ago
that is an awesome outfit

Wrote 7 years ago
so cute love the dress and shoes!

Wrote 7 years ago
love the set and great writting!

Wrote 7 years ago
i love this set!

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
i love that outfit

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