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heeey everyone ~

Today was a Friday which means the day before the weekend! yay!

My day
When i got in this morning, Liam texted me asking where me and the girls were, so i text back saying 'outside the technology room' . A few minutes later he rung me asking where we were, and it turns out he'd gone inside the building :L Then he said 'oh i'll meet you outside' so we hid round the corner so he couldn't find us, and he rung me again so my friend Tori answered and told him we were inside, and he went back inside. Then he rung me again and we said we're still outside. It was super funny, kinda a have to be there moment :L

I had double ict, and my friend rhiannon who i sit by wasn't in, so i sat by this guy matthew and his friend aled, and we did a bunch of stuff on file compressing and had to fill out a worksheet. Then we went over the past paper that we had for homework.

Then it was break time, and i just kinda chatted with the girls and snap-chatted people.

Next, i was supposed to have welsh short course, but as i'm in that elite mentoring group, we went to a 'talk' with a university student, so she talked about going clubbing, uni fees etc.

Then I had biology, and we had to apply what we'd learnt about osmosis, first on a question related to potatoes, then to a question on oysters. 

Then at lunch, i got some chips and i ate my little square of brownie.

Last lesson, I had welsh full course, so me and my friend Emily finished our scripts for our speaking assessments, then i listened to my new Imagine Dragons album [the cd was delivered yesterday]and i texted Sorcha.

Then i went down my grandma's and just chatted to my grandparents. Then i came up my house and facetimed emily [from welsh class] for ages. it was hilarious.

Yeah, so my day ♡

I don't think i'll be making a set on Sorcha's account today as i'm tired and want to watch a movie.

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& this is for Aloha Summer Battle Group ;; round two ♡
for this round we had to include an animal in our set, so i chose a giraffe, thus the green and brown set.

Giraffes are my favourite animal because i think they're adorable. I also think that because they're so tall and different to other animals, they're not afraid to be different and are kinda incongruous, like me.

Extra points:
Team mates tagged below
Giraffe picture chosen from the collection
Description about my favourite animal

Team: Zesty Limes ♡
Extra points completed: 20/20

let's go guyss. we are in third place at the moment, and i would love for us to be first! make sure to enterrr(: ♡

*O1. @summer23134 
 O2. @sweetcaroline2 
O3. @kaitlyn-jean 
O4. @cornwashere 
 O5. @accio-samantha 
O6. @xo-offtoneverl4nd 
 O7. @cookiemonster4eva 
O8. me
O9. @the-ferrets-wife 
1O. @aniyahhhx3 
11. @dear-ashleyy 
12. @lola-xoxox 
13. @abby-xoxo 
14. @taylor-xoxox 
15. @dont-forget-2-smile 
16. @dreaming-instead-of-sleeping. 
17. @ilafabbro 
18. @monikaxo 
19. @infinitesummer-x0 
2O. @happygee4
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