My All-Time Favs

Here is the collection of my #1 favorite sets. It can be made by anyone from me, to a complete stranger- I know good work when I see it!!! :D
  • high heels, high hopes :)
    No item description
  • Livin' Young, Wild, & Free
    "Omg. I luv this set so much you don't even know. I luv the colors, the pic, the little cosmetics corner, and everything about it. It's the opposite of classy and elegant-- fun and free!!! I really like sets like these cuz it's not everyday you get to see them; the paint splatters, the rainbow colors, the quote, I think I did a really good job." — @redtaylib
  • Pastel Colours.
    "I really like this set. It's plain and simple with spring-time colors and it's really nice. It makes me want to go outside and have a picnic, and it is also very calimg. Nicely done! ;)" — @redtaylib
  • Pink and Yellow.. :)
    "Just plain stunner. I LOVE the colors, the outfit, the layout, everything about it. It is one of the best sets I've ever seen for sure, and everything was put together in a way that makes it seem like it's meant to be. Outstanding job!" — @redtaylib
  • i Will Survive
    "I really love the colors in this set; it's like every color in the rainbow-- but it works together very nicely, in a comical sort of way. Good job!" — @redtaylib
  • Bold, Beautiful blue
    "I like the different shades and layers of blue in this one; I think it goes together very inerestingly and it is a real keeper every time I see it. Nice job! ;)" — @redtaylib
  • 'You keep making me weak.' ♥
    "First of all, amazing job on the framing-- it is the best I've seen of a circle so far. I really like the well thought out color-scheme, and the items in it are well matched. I am not a big fan of the pictures which are pretty much the base of every set, but the outfit, colors, and everything else-- you can't help but love it. Great job!" — @redtaylib
  • :)
    "In this one, I really love the golden-bronze color; it is found creeping through every thing, picture, and item in this set. It has great pics of Jessica Simpson, and it was planned out extremely well, as it is very classy and chic. Awesome job!" — @redtaylib
  • A Little Art Creation....
    "I love the layering done on this one. There are like 20 different pics all molded together that mush it into one; pretty simple, but I like it anyways. :)" — @redtaylib
  • Sit on my handlebars, babyy
    "It's like the all time summer love one!!! Awwwwhhh!!! I love the intricate detail of the framing and the fun colors. Two thumbs up!!!" — @redtaylib
  • Once you know you can never go back
    "I really like this one. It is very simple and classic, but it is also very spring-y and I think it was well thought out. The colors go great with the scheme, and I think that the text in the background added a little something extra to the set." — @redtaylib
  • Lets bewitch ourselfs
    "This set is amazing. I have always loved the splattered paint design, and I think that was a brilliant idea for this set. The dotted line around the main pic also looks really nice, and if you squint your eyes really hard there's a very nice picture in the background. Nicely done!" — @redtaylib
  • :D
    "I am really digging this set! I think the pictures are fabulous, and the colors are very strikingly bold; when I saw it in sets from people ur following, I stopped just to look at it for a second. This one's defineitely a head-turner, but it's worth your time. Amazing job!" — @redtaylib
  • Be who you want to be. not what other people want to see :)
    "I like this set a lot! It's really bright and sparkly!!! The text/articles in the backgrouns goes really tastefully with this set. I also like the little collection of items at the bottom (I have always loved that style), and the pictures in the background really pull it together. Great job!!" — @redtaylib
  • the music sounds better with youu, ♥
    "This set is soooo classy and elegant- it is breathtaking. The color-scheme goes together so well also, with the perfectly fitted pastels and pretty picture. Awesome job!!!" — @redtaylib
  • Summer Sun Shining On My Sunburned Face :D
    "Really good set in general, and also a set that makes me wish it was summer. Like the color scheme, and the summery feel." — @redtaylib
  • Boy, you got my heart beat, running awayy
    "Luv, luv, luv this one!!! It's so refreshing and simple- yet ingenious patterns with the framing in the outer edged. Magnefico!!" — @redtaylib
  • Summer Love <3
    "I luv this set so much!!!! It has so much color and is just plain fun!! I like the picture, and the items are really good. I wish it was summer again!!! ;P" — @redtaylib
  • Pretty in Pink!
    "I don't think you can get any more pink than this!! I think this may be the best set @xoxopup has made (so far)!!!! I luv the clustered layering affect it has, and all the colors (pink and it's diffferent shades) go together really nicely. Great job!!" — @redtaylib
  • ; go on and try to tear me down,
    "I <3 this one!!!!!!!! All the extatic colors put me in a good mood!!! I luv the mini-framing done along the left edge, and the patterns and outfit go well together too. Nice job!!" — @redtaylib
  • Give Me Something to Believe In- 'Cause I Don't Believe In You Anymore, Anymore...
    "I <3 Maroon 5; best group ever!!!!!!!!! This one's my first of Shape Set Framing, and I think I did a pretty good job. I have great framing of the heart, and I organized the stuff inside the heart well. The colors go nicely, and it might just be one of my best sets!!!!!" — @redtaylib
  • :)
    "A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! I <3 the sparkles on everything- it adds a magical touch... the picture layering effect goes very nicely with the color scheme. Plus I luv Taylor Swift!!" — @redtaylib
  • Rolling In the Deep
    "<3 this song sooooooo much!!!!! The sets pretty good too. I like my little circle shape set framing, and the litle grundge sparkles I did on the bottom make it look like a reflection. I also luv the color scheme and the outfit; they all fit together really nicely- and give Adele a really awesome look. Good job here- yay me!!! ;P" — @redtaylib
  • Make Them Good Girls Go Bad (since there's a she-wolf in the closet)
    "I <3<3<3<3 this one!! It makes me want to unleash my she-wolf! I really like the way I like mimicked the stuff I had done on the other side, to make a complete transition from good to bad. 1 and a half thumbs up!! :D" — @redtaylib
  • The Fame Monster
    "I <3<3<3 this one, also done by moi!!!! I really like the layering- I think thats the thing I am best at on Polyvore! I also really like the color scheme and the little rose picture on the right, it's really cute!! I think I did really good on this one!" — @redtaylib
  • I Love RockN'Roll, So Put Another Dime In The Jukebox Baby
    "This one is done by, none other then moi!! And I really like it; I am rocking out just looking at it!! I love the layering I did with the grunge little background squares, and the gothic/punk-rock sort of look it has. I think I did pretty good. :)" — @redtaylib
  • got my glasses im out the door :)
    "Wow. I really wanna go to the beach now!! I REALLY luv this set!! I am digging the beachy vibe and everything citrus-y about it!! Two thumbs up!! :D" — @redtaylib
  • Breaking Dawn
    "I TOTALLY <3 this set!!! I can also imagine Bella wearing something like this!! I love all the layering done with the articles, the invitation, and the outfit. This set is really well done!! :D" — @redtaylib
  • How to be a Fashionista in Modern Times
    "In my mini blurb on myself when you are on my page, I mention that I will try and add bits and pieces of who I am and what my personality is like in my PCs. This one I think really describes me- bold, funny, and caring." — @redtaylib
  • So close, yet so far away...
    "Where are we going, Hawaii? Lol. This one, for me, explains the triumph to try and get a guy that is seemingly just within your grasp, but at the same time really far away. I absolutely adore how chic and simple this PC is. Excellence has been achieved with simplicity here. Awesome job!!!" — @redtaylib
  • Forever and Always~~ &lt;3
    "Contemplating life, is what this one reminds me of. The soft pink colors also help bring out the true meaning of the set- your first love." — @redtaylib
  • Paradise is only so far away...
    "This one makes me drift away into another world that's only paradise on the beach, where there are no worries or trouble or pain or struggle... Speaking of that, I'm drifting away right now!!!" — @redtaylib
  • True love is rare, but not impossiblee~
    "This one is an awesome one for 2 people in love w/ each other. This one is for all you love birds out there, 'True love is rare, but not impossible'..." — @redtaylib
  • You're so lame, got no game, but you got me trippin' anyway
    "This one, to me, says life's too short to waste your time on stupid stuff- just have fun!!!!!!!!! I am really digging the framing around the outer right side edge and I REALLY want an Icee now... lol." — @redtaylib
  • Originality
    "Luv this set!!!!! The colors go together really well, and I like the boldness and brightness of it all." — @redtaylib
  • U Smile, I Smile~~♥
    "'Smile, though your heart is breaking, smile even though it's aching.'-Charlie Chaplin. This one is out there for all you Biebettes- and it's just in general a really good PC. There's a perfect circle, and this is explaining some of the little things that make up their life. Just by viewing @princsspoly's PC, I feel like I have just gotten a closer scope into her life- or what she imagines her avatar symbol to be." — @redtaylib
  • Untitled #4708
    "Funny & true." — @redtaylib
  • Untitled #4743
    "Absolutely!!!! ;P" — @redtaylib
  • Untitled #4758
    "So funny!!!!!" — @redtaylib
  • Untitled #4774
    "I am laughing so hard right now... lol!!!" — @redtaylib
  • Untitled #4787
    "SOOO TRUE!!!!!!!" — @redtaylib

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