I am a deep thinker
sometimes it causes me a lot of pain
i'm usually a potential seeker
i wear you like a stain

the longer i'm away
the less i have to say
your face is fading in my mind
how can i lose you?
real is my favorite kind

i wonder where you're at right now
i wonder who you see
when your eyes close and you drift away
i wonder who you see
can it be?
i'm not your lifeline anymore
my words don't reach your core
when i come back
who then will you be?
his flavor of the week?
or maybe alone and cut so deep

enough about you
let's focus on me
i hit rock bottom
i let myself die in the trauma
now what's left of me
is broken and sick of the drama
i'm on a path of recovery
finding myself
i'm suffering
with the scars that you left
with the regret of our death
i didn't eat for 3 days so i could be lovely

maybe i'm sick in the head
maybe i left you for dead 
but i know one things for sure 
i don't need you anymore

i don't want you
i don't want us
i don't need you
i don't need us
i'm done pretending
i'm done feeling angry
i want you gone
and for that
so long
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