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Lilly Samson, 17
Hometown: Albany, New York
Social Status: Definitely making her mark on the social status
Grade: Junior
Bio: Lilly is blunt, sarcastic, and all around a girl you can't help but notice. She doesn't really mean to be this outgoing and grabbing a lot of attention, but the Billing's girls have their eye on this one. They think she's trying to steal their rain - and no one tries to steal the Billing's girls attention. All around though, Lilly can be nice if she feels like it, and most girls are jealous of this one. Mostly because she gets a lot of attention from the guys... and isn't it obvious? She's drop dead gorgeous, and Noora doesn't like it.
Model: Skye Stracke

Top three:
-Lilly Samson
-Gretchen Brinks
-Lanvina Cranston
As I pulled my BMW in the parking lot in front of Easton Academy, I kept thinking about what brought me to the point of changing schools so close to the end of the school year. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Such a cliché, really. Just another “Queen Bee” that couldn’t stand the competition. She didn’t seem to appreciate her boyfriend running behind me like a puppy either... It’s not like I tried to take her place or anything. But the stupid b.itch had to sneak up behind me trying to ruin my brand new Dolce dress. Pushing her was just a reflex. Now, under normal circumstances that wouldn’t have been much of a big deal, but the incident happened in the school lab in the middle of a chemistry project. As she fell she knocked the working station behind her and various acids fell on her face. Oops! Needless to say she went from pretty face to scar face… At least until her daddy pays for plastic surgery. Although the headmaster acknowledged this wasn’t completely my fault, I had to leave to appease the girls’ parents, blah, blah, blah…

I stepped out of my car and took off my sunglasses to check out Easton Academy. It looked promising. I only hoped it would be different here… Someone had moved all my stuff in my dorm room yesterday, so all I had to do was find the administration’s office for the details. As I approached Easton’s doors a hot looking guy stepped aside and opened the door for me while shamelessly checking me out. I winked at him and stepped inside. Immediately heads turned to look. I rolled my eyes and continued walking, only to be stopped by a group of girls blocking my way. They all looked gorgeous and fashionable. Let me guess… the crème de la crème of Easton Academy.
“Yes?” I asked the tall brunette standing right in front of me. She was obviously the one in charge.
“You’re new here.” she stated.
“Obviously.” I said raising my eye brow. “You’d remember me if I wasn’t.”
“Well, I am Noora. And these are Yasmin, Arabella, Bijou, Violet, Mariam, Joan and Clio. We are the Billings girls.” She pointed at each girl. Some looked curious, some impressed and some downright aggressive.
“Nice to meet you all.” I smiled at them. “Billings? As in the elite I assume?”
“Your assumption is correct.” She then proceeded giving me the once over.
“Hm, Louboutins, Proenza Schouler…”
“Balmain, Balenciaga…” I trailed off chuckling “Is the scan over yet?”
“Not quite. Are those Chloé?” asked another girl, Yasmin I think, looking at the sunglasses I was still holding. I could see in her eyes she was testing me.
“Gucci, of course.” I smirked.
“Of course…” Noora agreed. “Well, unfortunately good looks and designer clothes are not enough. You have to have an attitude to match. We will not accept just anyone in Billings. You should learn how things work around here as soon as po…”
“Thank you, but I’m pretty sure I know how things work.” I cut her off. I heard several bystanders gasp. “But let me tell you how I work. I’m sure you know the world is divided in leaders and followers. I am no follower. As long as you don’t expect me to kiss your and beg to be in Billings, I’m sure we will do just fine.” I smiled at her shocked face.
“Now if you’ll excuse me ladies, I need to find the administration’s office. I’ll see you around!” I waved at them and walked away.
I hope the story is ok! I really like this character so I tried to portray her as the blunt, sarcastic attention grabbing girl the bio described... : )
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