"Whattup?" Answered my brother, Sean.

"Nothing.. you want to meet me for lunch at Lunetta or something?" I wondered as I bit my fingernails.

"Yeah.. now?"

"Yes please." I smiled to myself as I walked out the door.

I sat in Lunetta, drinking an iced tea and waiting for Sean to arrive.

"Hey." He said, sitting across from me. "What's going on? I haven't seen you in over a month."

"I've been busy."

"I bet.. I heard you got that job at Mike Jacobs or whatever.. that's pretty cool, but I'm a little pissed you didn't tell me.. I had to hear it from Tristan."


"What?" He giggled.

"It's MARC, Sean. MARC Jacobs."

"Yeah whatever." He smiled. "They're all the same." He justified.

"So what's been up with you?" I wondered.

"Nothing much... I'm finishing up baseball season down at LSU, and I'm hoping to get drafted soon."

"You will." I smiled.

"I hope so." He sighed, obviously exasperated.

"Max came to New York.." I blurted.



"Max, Max?"

"Yes, Sean. Max, Max."

"What did he want?" He asked, taking a sip of his coke.

"I guess he wanted to see me.. it was a dramatic three weeks."

"He's back in New Orleans now?" He asked.

"I guess... I went to the airport yesterday.."

"Oh shit."

"And uhm.. I think it's done."

"Do you want it to be done?" He wondered.

"No.. not even close."

"Then what the fuckk are you doing, Han? You're so damn stubborn." He smiled.

"Yeah.. whatever." I giggled to hide my frustration.

"Don't let something good for you go.. I was talking to dad last night.. apparently you don't call your parents anymore either, eh?" He yelled.

"I told you I've been busy." I defended.

"So that means you can't talk to your parents?" he asked.

If you're reading all of this write. "taylor's sets are ugly."

"Yes, I CAN talk to them.. I just don't have time." I whispered.

"Don't play that shiit, PLease."

"Why are you being a dickk?"

"I'm not being a dick.. I'm just trying to figure out what your problem is, that's all."

"I'll call her tonight."

"Thanks." He splashed that grin of his, and I just rolled my eyes, changing the subject.

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