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I was tagged by my dear friend @psych-major for this charming new tag game.

The challenge is to make two outfits using the Polyvore editor and its store of items. The catch, you must choose only items on the page that is your age. So, go to dresses, top, skirts, jewelry, bags etc., and in the little page turner box at the upper right of the page, type in your age and tap return and it will take you to the page of your age. So, you're a thirty-three year old gal, type in 33 and tap return and it's magic. Believe me, that's much easier than clicking the little arrow over and over and over and over. Oh, I didn't see this, but you can also go to your own items, just as long as the page number is your age. Does that make sense? I used my own wording and I ramble.

Tag me when you've finished and tag some other people to join, it's fun.

I tag:
@lisamichele-cdxci and

Note, I did not check to see if you prefer or don't prefer to be tagged and so feel free to decline if this is not your sort of thing.

Thank you, The Management
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