I didn't get this movie. -.-

At all.

I don't get the meaning or the point. 

Maybe it was because those stupid eng. subs weren't even right half of the time. I would've been better off not watching with eng. subs at all because I spent half of the movie just groaning in frustration. I just couldn't look away! D:

And then the fact that Dongho appeared three times in the movie. Faweofihaweoifh. He's probably the only reason I wanted to watch the movie in the first place. But both times in the movie, he was so cute! He made me laugh so much! Ahh, cutie. Now I remember why he was my bias for quite a while. (Classy way of saying, I was obsessed with him for a long time.)

And I really liked Yoo In Na/Min Hee's fashion. It was all so cute. 

Yoo In Na is just the cutest person ever! Ahh! Her English was ADORABLE. 

Dongho was a cute actor. LOLOL. I'm still laughing. He was so cute. 

...But Jeremy's cuter. 


Yeah. I didn't get this movie. My mom apparently did not realize I was watching this movie and told me that it wasn't a movie that I should watch because it had some inappropriate behavior and language. 

I don't know Korean profanity. So it just kinda goes in one ear and out the other.

Except Dongho's little "18+" LOLOL.

I really didn't get this movie. -.-'
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