The title of this set has been my specialized title on every board I have been part of on the Web until Polyvore. I used it because it is true. I have migraines. They are a never ending story for me. I have one today. I had one yesterday. I will have one until Wednesday when I can get my IV... and then it starts again. 

But Polyvore has given me a new freedom. A place I can make lovely things, or fabulous messes. And they all mean something - that my mind is going to the Art Place inside my head. It hasn't been there in such a long time.

Art has deep deep meaning for me. It is why I went to college. It is why I got two college degrees. I gave up a lot, because I had to make art. I do not make art to make money. If you want to make money, you do not chose art as your career.

But in the last few years, the years in the dark, when every movement, every sound caused me pain, I lost the Art in me. 

It is only recently that I knew how much I mourned that part of me. How dead I felt inside without Art. 

At Easter, my husband gave me an Art Studio again. I can not use it every day. But it is there. Part of my life that was lost to me, is there - right across the hall.

I painted today. Not fine art, but just the fact that I held a brush and used paint to create - it means so much.

So now, though my hands hurt, and my head hurts, my heart does not. It has a glimmer - a gleam of happiness. It is buried deep, but it is catching the light again.
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