This is a rant.
I really hate collections like this:

[Even though I agree that randomly being taken to net-a-porter when clicking inks into new tabs is irksome.] I've seen a few of them around, writing obnoxious comments on how urrgly things are [and I hate that u word. So vile.]. But what's really funny is it's always people who have no real sense of style making them. They always like plain, Aberzombie prep clothes, and make oodles of useless text sets. And well, basically, they don't get to make fun of actual fashion. Because they are idiots. 
Like the Again, people with don't have a sense of humor when it comes to fashion thinking they're funny. Who are probably just boring boring boring frumps in real life.
Like Nina Garcia, the judge on project runway, letting that wannabe hippie Gretchen win over MONDO or even the other guy who both had a sense of imagi-fucking-nation. Same thing, different old frump.

Yeah, I hate everyone and everything.

But I love my seven year old brother for making me make this pug-a-licious set.
I even put 'Pug' by the Smashing Pumpkins in it. 

Go me.
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