➳ Skills :: Rate from 0 - 10
-Survival :: 7
-Weaponry :: 3
-Hand to Hand :: 5
-Intelligence :: 8
-Strength :: 7
-Speed :: 9
-Stamina :: 7
-Plants and Poisons :: 10
-Forethought :: 8

"May the odds me ever in your favor."

They said. 

The odds weren't really in my favor if I volunteered. My older brother Kaden would've. He's 18. He's more braver than I am. He would win the games for sure. But today's his last reaping, and he's really lucky. I still have 2 to go, but I'm not worried. The reaping is just another word for death wish.

The District 7 escorts prepare themselves and make the same old speeches like every year. I zone out and stare at my brother in a crowd to my left. He smiles and nods. Then he looks over to a peacekeeper who is standing in a line. I giggle a little because everyone in the line is so tall and muscular, and that one peacekeeper is short and skinny. I can tell he is new by the way he holds his rifle. 

I come back to the moment just as the escorts, I forget their names, make their ways to the giant glass bowls. The escort dramatically reaches her hand in the bowl and pulls out a piece of paper. 

"Marnia Thurston!"

It's not real hard to identify who the person is. Everyone around them does. Over to my left, the crowd backs away from a red-haired girl who looks about 17. She smooths out her dress and makes her way onto the stage. 

"Welcome!" Says the escort. Then reaches her hand in again. 

She comes over to the mic and clears her throat. 

"Bella Odar!"

Great. Everyone knows me, and before I knew it, my best friends started to back away from me with pity in their eyes. I'm not worried. I know that Kaden will volunteer for me. I walk onto the stage with pride knowing that I won't have to do this. But the ceremony continues. I look over to where Kaden was standing before. But he wasn't there. 

Then towards the back of the crowds, I see the back of a blond-haired, 6 foot, boy, pushing through people to go home. Our parents would've been furious with him for not volunteering for me. It's a shame that he is disappointing them even though they aren't even alive. But I guess now all we have to do is wait, pray, and hope.


Bella Odar-portrayed by Dove Cameron ( @roseblaze )
Marnia Thurston-portrayed by Ariana Grande ( @megan-j-loves-you )
Kaden Odar- portrayed by Ross Lynch

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