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  • How To Wear A Beanie
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    "*My Main character*
    Name: Raven Kingsley
    Age: 19
    Traits: Self-centred, bossy, adventurous
    Likes: Make up, being the centre of attention, Urban Outfitters
    Dislikes: Others getting attention, being told what to do, fizzy drinks
    Secret: -" — @sls1412
    How to wear a beanie for girls? Here are a few styling that may help you in choosing the appropriate.
  • Photoshoot Taylor Marie Hill by Della Bass for Fashion Gone Rogue
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    "Bio: Raven grew up in her father's mansion. He made a huge fuss of her, causing her to become self-centred. Raven has always got what she's wanted in life and will not be told what to do. Raven only manages to keep her friends by buying them presents." — @sls1412
    Earlier this week, we interviewed Taylor Marie Hill of IMG Models for our 'One on One with a Model' feature in which we talked about covering ELLE Magazine at 16, being scouted, Miranda Kerr and acting - check that here.
  • Ben Bowers
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    "*My main guy - Raven's boyfriend*
    Name: Will Murphy
    Age: 21
    Traits: Loyal, Optimistic, funny
    Secret: Will can't read properly
    Likes: Rugby, watching tv, hanging out with friends
    Dislikes: Working, reading, anything that involves effort" — @sls1412
  • Ben Bowers
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    "Bio: Will grew up with a big family and has many brothers and sisters. He's a team player and a laid back guy. He does tend to be loud which can turn people off him" — @sls1412
    A tribute to the incredible male model Ben Bowers. I do not claim any of the photos to be my own. Enjoy :)
  • fuck yeah kaya scodelario
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    "*Minor character - Raven's friend*
    Name: Georgina Fox
    Age: 19
    Secret: -
    Traits: Ambitious, creative, smart
    Likes: Doing good deeds, helping others, fresh juice
    Dislikes: Meat, anything that's harmful to the environment" — @sls1412
    disclaimer: i don't take credit for anything posted unless the click through link is for this blog....
  • Kaya Pictures
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    "Bio: Georgina is the most eco-friendly girl you will ever meet, her family are just like it. She's very innocent and will probably get upset if you do anything that harms the environment" — @sls1412
  • Tumblr
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    "*Minor character- Raven's friend*
    Name: Gavin Lockhart
    Age: 21
    Traits: Cheerful, witty, determined
    Secret: -
    Likes: Beer, chilling out, listening to music
    Dislikes: Rainy days, chocolate, drama" — @sls1412
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  • Tumblr
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    "Bio: Gavin is a great friend....once you've gotten use to him. He often makes jokes or comments in the hope of being funny that offend people. He's always been dedicated to sports and spends far too long styling his hair" — @sls1412
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  • Model Love
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    "*Minor character- Raven's best friend*
    Name: Sofia Barren
    Age: 18
    Traits: Pessimistic, Obnoxious, Mean
    Likes: Causing arguments, bit.ching about people, dancing, partying
    Dislikes: Reading, staying at home, boring people" — @sls1412
  • Google képkeresési találat: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7gnymocJR1qirre1o1_400.jpg
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    "Secrets: Sofia claims to be naturally beautiful but her looks are the result of plastic surgery
    Bio: Sofia is the girl you want to avoid in the corridor, she's been brought up so say what she thinks and that's exactly what she does" — @sls1412
  • Anabela Belikova
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    "*Minor character- Raven's arch enemy & cousin*
    Name: April Kingsley
    Age: 21
    Traits: Picky, affectionate, honest
    Secrets: -
    Likes: Animals, going to the beach, music, fashion
    Dislikes: Raven, partying, cheap make up" — @sls1412
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    "Bio: April is Raven's cousin. The two families have always disliked each other and are always being spiteful. April will do anything to see Raven miserable" — @sls1412
    Anabela Belikova
  • Tumblr
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    "*Minor Character - One of the guys at the school*
    Name: Hugo D'Amore
    Age: 22
    Traits: Mischievous, charming, competitive
    Likes: Being around people, partying, coffee
    Dislikes: Tea, being on his own, cats
    Secrets: -" — @sls1412
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  • Steven chevrin
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    "Bio: Hugo is a charmer, he can make any girl feel like they're the most important person in the world. The only problem is he likes to make every girl feel like they're the only girl in the world." — @sls1412
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  • Lucas Till
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    "*Minor Character*
    Name: Marshall Holmes
    Age: 21
    Traits: Polite, calm, respectful
    Likes:" — @sls1412
    View photos of Lucas Till from X-Men: First Class (2011) on IMDb!
  • Lucas Till
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    "Bio: Marshall has always been a humble, nice guy. He tries to do a good deed everyday and is always happen to help. Shame he seems to be a sitting duck for the populars to pick on" — @sls1412


Wrote three years ago
Oooh I know the one! :D
I have no idea who he is, I found him in a model collection ;D

Wrote three years ago
You Belong With Me. ;)
I also think he's in Crazier, but I've only seen that video once. @sls1412

Wrote three years ago
Which one? ;D @calmflames

Wrote three years ago
The last guy is in a Taylor music video! ;D

Wrote three years ago
I know right xD She has psycho killer eyes o.o @calmflames

Wrote three years ago
Sofia looks scary in the first picture. xD


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