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  • acacia clark | Tumblr
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    "Name: Emilie Marie Clark" — @altereas
  • OWL Earflap Hat SOO CUTE- Customized Boy or Girl -Infants Toddlers and Children Photography Prop/ Cbbcreations
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    "Date Of Birth: August 28th
    She was born in Canada then moved with her family to Canada." — @altereas
    OWLY Earflap Hat SOO CUTE- Customized Boy or Girl -Preemie-4T This listing is for a CUSTOMIZED crochet OWLY. You decide the size and colors. This adorable baby owl hat is hand crochet. It doesn't get any cuter than this!! It looks great for photos. Black buttons are used for the centers of the eyes. Please provide the hat size (0-3 months up to 4T) and colors you would like when you check out in the notes to seller box. If no size is specified then you will receive a newborn size. Please allow 4-5 days for custom orders to be made before shipping. For larger orders,
  • .@acaciabrinley | Park~
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    "Age: 16 almost 17" — @altereas
    .@acaciabrinley | Park~ - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • Tumblr
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    "Height: 5''4' 1/2" — @altereas
  • acacia clark | Tumblr
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    "Weight: 97 lbs (She is tiny)" — @altereas
  • Acacia
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    "Looks: IN COLLECTION!" — @altereas
    This is a FAN blog, dedicated to the photography and videos of self-shot queen on tumblr, the...
  • Acacia Brinley Clark
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    "Personality: Fun, Bubbly, Smiley, Flirty, Smart, Romantic, Athletic, Engergetic, Outgoing and Understanding, and knows how to cope with things." — @altereas
    Acacia Brinley Clark FAN Blog Acacia Clark is a 'tumblr famous' Model, (Singer, Dancer, and Actor). Acacia's other social media: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook
  • kowabunga
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    "Talent: Emilie has been a hip hop/ballet dancer for all of her life. She teaches a dance camp in the summer and works at Fusion Dance as a choreographer and teacher. She also has found a love for playing the Guitar and dabbles in singing, but not much." — @altereas
    im waylie, & he is my prince.
  • one direction
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    "Relationship: Dating Harry Styles" — @altereas
  • .@acaciabrinley | My outfit is cute doe
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    "Heath Conditions: Asthma" — @altereas
    .@acaciabrinley | My outfit is cute doe - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • Acacia Clark
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    "Clique 1: Elites
    Why: Cause its my club and I want her to be one dur!
    Prefered Clique: Elites Alpha" — @altereas
    Hi im joanna(: im 14 & a big fan of acacia(: i made ths blog to appreciate acacia(:
  • ❝Melanie Iglesias needs no introduction☮ ☯❞
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    "Family: Heather Anne Clark, she is 35 and she is a world famous fashion designer. She is their mum. She is taking time off because she is currently pregnant and ready to pop. They dont know what the baby is yet." — @altereas
  • Real moms share Why my husband is a great dad
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    "Brad John Clark, he is 37 years old and he is a a music producer, his current client is One Direction He also is trying to promote his son Austin Clark, and he is trying to get Emilie, because he thinks she has a beautiful voice, He is their dad." — @altereas
    Dads are an important part of a child’s life but some are more involved with their children than others. See why these women believe their husbands are great dads.
  • File Ross Lynch Paparazzo Photography.jpg
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    "This is Austin Edward Clark, he is 18 years old, he has a wonderful singing voice and is a very warmhearted protective brother to Emilie and his family." — @altereas
  • -Characters- Shut Up Kiss Me
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    "This is Carmine Mitchelle Brown. She is 21 years old and Married to Brent Brown. SHe is a wonderful woman who is happy and go lucky. She now lives in Charlotte Carolina." — @altereas
    Check out the -Characters- Shut Up & Kiss Me |Austin Mahone| story and write some great stories of your own.
  • Untitled
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    "Rich Or Poor: RICH!!!" — @altereas
  • I Wish He Was My Boyfriend ♥
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    "Pets: This is Heathers dog, Puffles. She almost loves her more than her husband." — @altereas
  • Wallpaper Cute black and white kitten Photos and Free Walls
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    "This is Oreo. This is Emilies cat. He is 2 months old. He is snuggly and protective of Emilie." — @altereas
    Wallpaper Cute Black And White Kitten Photos And Free Walls | Food pictures - delicious food images - yummy food photos.
  • iphone 5 case pink butterfly angel iphone 4 case by dnnayding
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    "Phone: This is her iPhone 5, and this is the case she has. She made it herself." — @altereas
  • Nissan Juke a hit - Next Car Pty Ltd - 7th October, 2010
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    "Car: This is her car!!!" — @altereas
    "Other Devices: This is her white apple laptop and case." — @altereas
  • Love Acacia Clark ♡
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    "Bio: Emilie was born in Toronto Canada to wonderful, caring, rich parents. She was born in a cab on the way to the hospital on August 28th. She was small, she weighed in at 7.45 lbs and was 14 inches long. She was petite and her docters worried, but there was nothing wrong with her. They wanted to put her on medication, but her mom Heather snapped and told them an immediate no. She was brought home and they then moved to California when she was not even a month old. She grew up in a huge luxorious mansion with her own nursery and a nanny to watch her when her mother needed to wash up or do something but otherwise her mum was watching her. She was spoiled rotten, she started Kindergarden when she was 5 years old and she was the smallest she felt insecure untill Nicole became her friend, they were friends untill nicole moved away, but she found new friends and she is very happy with her life. She is a popular girl who has amazing friends and she wouldnt change it for the world." — @altereas
    Acacia is so perfect ♡
  • Acacia
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    "Changes to the club: Less restarts........" — @altereas
    This is a FAN blog, dedicated to the photography and videos of self-shot queen on tumblr, the...
  • break my fall
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    "Will you be active: Hell E-Yeah!
    Oh and one more thing about Emilie, she has braces, she is getting them off in less than a month now!" — @altereas
    hi im chloe, 18 and i already love you. I track the tag 'haxze'. instagram: @chloessun ♡ business:...

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