*My Contest Wins* . . . Part 3

What a great way to start off Spring 2011 . . .
Collection was created on Friday ~ April 22, 2011.
What a great way to FINISH my three years on Polyvore, too! I promised myself I would stay away from here as much as possible (at the beginning of the NEW YEAR 2012). Then Kathryn's house burned down on Christmas Day. We have two groups together...which she has built from the ground up, then added me along the way. I have tryed my best to keep them going...BUT...I really do have to let go of this Poly Place. I have WONDERFUL things going on in my real life.
I am about to finish (April 6th) my online class that has taught me to do 3-D graphics and digital graphics, as well as a multitude of other great techniques, such as photoshop (mastered!). My Boutique is about to open full swing on Memorial Day weekend. I have two grandchildren that count on me 4 times a week...with more coming in the fall. My online business is taking off and the extra income is neverending...yikes! And the best of all...my one son in the music industry now has his own recording label (linked to Sony/BMG)...and it will become a family business in the fall. He has built a home that has three wings....My husband and I have the left wing....he and his wife and daughter have the right wing....and we meet in the middle where his new office and studio (and movie theatre) are....LOL! Oh...we still have our own home but it will become the place where the family gathers once in a while...but we will NOT live there anymore. We still have our summer home on the Lake in Wisconsin....again, a gathering place for family and friends - once in a while. NEW life....new me! Feeling fabulous at almost 65 years old. GREAT husband, great kids...GREAT everything!
(written 3-27-2012)

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