I'm a copywriter by trade -- that is, when a company doesn't have an in-house writer, I prepare the product descriptions for their catalogue, and I also keep my prices low enough for individuals to hire me for their Etsy and eBay shops. Since I discovered Polyvore, I've been using it as a way to break up my tasks while also providing an extra service -- I clip my favorite clients' products to Polyvore as a way of bringing them social media traffic and brand recognition.

Now if only I could learn to set myself realistic deadlines.

Since my cousin always says she imagines me dressed like a character from Mad Men for work (even though I usually work in PJ pants), I made myself a Copywriting Superhero Outfit with a vintage inspiration. It includes a typewriter-print dress, a heroic military-chic collared cape, font jewelry, alphabet tights, and hand-painted flats with a "busy bee" design. 

Many of the other products were clipped from clients' catalogues (or from other sites that carried my favorite pieces from clients' wholesale lines), or at least have a writing theme.

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