My Dream Beautiful Creatures Cast

Although the movie has already been cast, this is the ensemble cast that I would have loved to seen on the big screen.
  • hair / Alexis Bledel
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    "Lena Duchannes- Alexis Bledel
    Why: Perfectly fits (physically) as Lena and is a smart, down to earth person like her as well" — @h78u
  • chace - crawford
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    "Ethan Wate- Chace Crawford
    Why: Seems like he could play a love-struck, southern teenage boy with ease and also looks like Ethan" — @h78u
  • Take Three: Viola Davis - Blog - The Film Experience
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    "Amma Treadeau- Viola Davis
    Why: Could definitely pull off southern charm and confidence, just like she did in the help." — @h78u
  • Johnny Depp
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    "Macon Ravenwood- Johnny Depp
    Why: Has already proven he can be eccentric but can also be someone that viewers find familiar and loving, like Lena does with Macon" — @h78u
    View photos of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) on IMDb!
  • Αmαn∂α's {Chord Overstreet} usee (: ♥
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    "Link Lincoln- Chord Overstreet
    Why: Seems like someone who is very down to earth and good best friend material, would go well with Chace Crawford" — @h78u
  • Mila Kunis Picture 94
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    "Ridley Duchannes- Mila Kunis
    Why: Has a sort of menacing look in this picture like Ridley and could be dramatic/mean, also could absolutely be a siren because she is so pretty" — @h78u
    Photo of Mila Kunis - The Los Angeles Premiere Ted - Arrivals - Picture 94. Browse more than 100,000 pictures of celebrity and movie on AceShowbiz.
  • Vanity Fair Editorial Masters of Photography: Herb Ritts, March 2007 Shot #2
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    "Marian Ashcroft- Reese Witherspoon
    Why: Seems like a smart, small town girl which is exactly what Marian is like, great aunt/librarian material" — @h78u
  • 10th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening Night
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    "Sarafine Duchannes- Andie MacDowell
    Why: As seen in Jane by Design,great at being the villain, since from the south she would be great as all powerful southern witch, also from south carolina where book is set" — @h78u
    Actress Andie MacDowell arrives at the 10th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening Night at the Clarity Theater on April 14, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.
  • 2007 Taylor Momsen Transformation
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    "Emily Asher- Taylor Momsen
    Why: Blond and innocent-looking, just like emily" — @h78u
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  • Search results for julianne moore
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    "Mrs. Lincoln- Julianne Moore
    Why: Could definitely be calm and concerned while still a main antagonist" — @h78u
  • matthew settle
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    "Mitchell Wate- Matthew Settle
    Why: Like in gossip girl, could play a sad and widowed father" — @h78u

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