The Best Date c: 

Gavin's Perspective: 
We have been out a couple times maybe five?
But they were the best dates. She just geez! Man I'm fallin fast. But every time we are together it's never boring and always just magical. Shit I'm starting to sound like a women! She is the best! I never thought I'd find the one. But Ohhhh this date was great. I rented out the Disney land theme park. She has never been, can u believe zero has never been to Disney land? Well I took her on the scariest ride and she was scared and held on tight...I liked that. Man If I told you the whole thing then heck it would be a book. Just know it was amazing! 

My Perspective: 
Guh Gavin I mean just say the name...isn't it delightful. Haha well okay don't laugh till this date I have never been to Disney Land! I've been to different parks but never the magical Disney Land! So I was so excited! I thought we were just going to go but no he rented out the whole park! I was so freakin just oh goodness! Anyways I love roller coasters but some scare the living day lights out of me! So I went on the scariest one there and he held me!!!(: 
Ah it was cute! Any who we stayed there all night! I mean we didn't mean too. But he rented it from 5:00 pm till 12:00 am. So the last 30min we just rode the Ferris wheel. Which is the scariest ride to me! Haha it so high and just no. So during my panic attack he started to sing to me. And that calmed me down like a lot! And he told me a story and then I don't know. We just both fell asleep. And the people realized it. They took a pictures gave it to the press but I don't care! I even good friends now with the picture taker! Haha but they stopped it and left. Haha. We woke up early like 5:30 when the sun came up. Well I woke up then he was already up. Because I woke up and he wasn't there. I was like woahh dang it. But he came back with two funnel cakes with strawberries and waters and we watched the sun fully rise! And just geez I mean that was perfect just perfect!
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