I absolutely adore long coats or trench coats for fall paired with knee high boots, I'm in love with this Vuitton bag, that I actually own ( a gift from my sweetheart ) and I wear it all your round :)))

I was tagged by my dear friend @nastasja-eliza you must check her profile :)

Rule 1: always post the rules
Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones for the people you tag to answer
Rule 3: tag 11 new people

1.favourite song at the moment? One of my fave songs of all times is November Rain from Guns N' Roses
2.what other tabs do you have open? Usually just Poly, sometimes I check my mail too.
3.favourite item of clothing? I love dresses.
4.cats or dogs? Dogs !
5.your traits? I'm a nice girl, I think :)
6. other social networking sites you have? link? Nothing..
7. ever dyed your hair? Yes, I used to highlight my hair for about 10 years. But recently, I went back to my natural hair color, which is light brown. I'm planning to update my profile picture as soon as I take some decent photo of me :))) So you can see the new me :)
8. favourite books? Agatha Christie's
9. what is your style? I believe my style is very elegant (well, at least I try :))
10. do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in attraction at first sight, but I do think that you need much more time getting to know each other to definitely say you are in love.

 My questions-
1)Absolute favorite food (cuisine) ?
2)The nicest place you have ever visited ?
3)Favorite movie (book) character ?
4)If you could meet anyone (alive/dead) in a world,who would it be ?
5)What would you ask him/her ?
6)Favorite fragrance(s) ?
7)Any bad habits ?
8)Do you have a driver's licence ?
9)Your spoken languages ?
10)Most hated house chore ?

I tag @musicfriend1 @jasminerb @thewondersoffashion @melindairenes @princess-of-unicorns @pipsqueak123 @tinyduckling @jan-harris @white-rosepetal @moomoofan1972 @kusja 
and anyone else who wants to do it! don't forget to tag me so I can check them out :) xxx
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