Feb 3 2014

My favorite fragrance is definitely Dot by Marc Jacobs. There's no question about that. Haha, it's kinda funny story how i met my baby (aka BEST FRAGRANCE IN THE WORLD) in a real store, you know (i mean not in the internet).
Okay, so i knew that a similar fragrance named Honey (from Marc Jacobs, too) existed but i never really know how it smelled like. So when i went shopping i was always looking for that. But unfortunately they never had that..
I still kept looking and once i saw it! i really really saw it! Omg. I went straight up to it, took a deep breathe (everyone around prbly thought i was crazy, oh well..) and then i smelled it. It was amazing... Just perfect. I think i pushed the button seven times or so on me.. well, i know i'm crazy but anyways... 
Besides i was such in a hurry (but still found time to check out the fragrance store lol) I had to leave my baby there alone.... :(
After that i lifted up my hand to smell the perfect fragrance in every 10 seconds (true story lol). And i did that the whole of the shopping tour (haha just so me.. oh well)...

But the story isn't over yet. I just told you about the other perfume - Honey. Okay, now you are prbly thinking why i'm talking about a fragrance that you don't understand is or isn't my favorite. Well, the story goes on..

So, the whole time i thought about buying Honey but i didn't have a chance to go to the store. When i finally got there i almost run towards it (like on the first time lol). I took a deep breathe again and felt like it didn't smell that perfect as on the first time.. i was disappointed.. not because the fragrance was bad ors but i had a vision that i smelled better... i was confused.. i had really wanted to buy it before but then i didn't feel like wanting that anymore... i looked left and saw Dot. It looked as same as Honey but the only thing that was different was the color. I thought it was the same perfume in just a special limited-edition case ors... but i still wanted to smell that one too... And believe it or not - it was even more amazing, more awesome, more better! I couldn't believe that. I immediately knew i had finally found a fragrance i had looked for.. 
Oh, and now you can use your imagination how many times i put that on lol. Sooo me.. just lol haha. 

Anyways, i really thank you @rivlyb for creating that awesome contest. I've been following you on instagram for a while i can say you are really talented and inspiring. :)

So everyone don't forget to check out her 
Facebook www.facebook.com/rivlysgifts 
Instagram http://instagram.com/rivlysgifts 
Twitter @rivlyb twitter.com/rivlyb

And also wish everyone good luck with the contest! :)

PS! Sorry about my bad English. Writing the description took me even longer than doing the set oh well :D. Anyways, hope you at least understood the main point i was trying to say lol :)
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