Butterfly's were all i felt as I was about to see the room i could call mine for the rest of the year!! As i opened the locked ddor and stepped into my room i was blinded by the pink and white striped walls that lay before me!! My bed bare would soon be covered in my white and pink polkadotedd sheets and 10 pink and red pillows! All my life I imagined this dorm and it felt surreal!! I opened a white door that i was asuming was my clset and turned on the light!! white walls and PINK clothes.. I started to unpack all the clothes out of my Louis Vuitton suitcase, makeup, and accessories!! even though I was at thepink university doesnt mean i had to be in only pink! After this I dressed myself in the following:
a pink shirt
pink uggs
chanel sunglasses
pink lip gloss
juicy cotour clutch
louis vuiton jewlery and perfume!
 When i arrived at the dining hall i looked for the popular girls as soon i would be one of them!! Then i heard some girls talking about their new LV bags, Chanel makeup, Dior Glasses and Gucci clothes!! I walked over and introduced myself!! within minutes it was as though i was the leader of this fabulous/ popular group, i could now call friends!
xoxo errie

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