2011/03/16, 17:42
To: everyone thank you so much for your thoughtful,sending alot of prays for Japan set to me ,and sending alot of mail to support BUT I WANT TO TELL SOMETHING PLEASE!!! DON'T ASK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOU OR CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT TSUNAMI EXPERIENCE >> I CAN'T DO IT ,WHEN I THINKING TO BAD SITUATION AGAIN LIKE I WANNA DIED AND STUCK IN SOMEWHERE LIKE DARK PLACE AGAIN . so i'm thank you everyone who understand my condition and my friend too,I'm okay now and started to make new set again be good if you and me focus on set only ..i'm still pray for all Japanese people &my country at heart ,oh!!!!! and someone ask me Is South Korea get hits by Tsunami???? I'm answer you i living in Japan but I select come from South Korea it cuz I want to respect my birth place and yes,I have a part of korean blood ,don't understand me wrong Korea not get hits by Tsunami okay. so pls!!! understand my condition i don't want to talks & back to thinking that again and I just comment for prayer set just short words cuz i can't find good words to say just only thank you so much it small thing i can do now ,i know polyvore member made alot of prays for Japan set when I look on it made me feel so sad & don't know why i don't want to see it anymore,not mean I dislike it okay BUT most of all likes I ever said thank you so much all prayers.
Thank you ,Rainie.
This set refer to you my best friend forever " Stephanie " likes set title said : we will do good in the world" ,i love you dear we were friend for so long ,if you feel better we'll celebrate our 11 years friendship..just short words to you but love you at heart>> you is my only one best friend in the world always & forever:))))))))
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