So today I went to Nutcracker rehearsals (as per usual fml) and at the end of the day they let us go early because we got everything done really quickly so my friends and I just decided to stay behind since my mom was driving us all home

AND THEN OUT OF FU.CKING NOWHERE we find out that MC is dating some freaking rich smart talented amazing guy she met at a university internship/summer program thing this summer ???@?@?E!!!!

He's been to the olympics, has two books published, has his own company, has been scouted by MIT but tURNED THEM friCKING DOWN bc google offered him a job if he went to Waterloo university instead.>?!?! and he's 17

so basically we are all jealous and wtf omg


that's been my day

♡ / 
#indie #highwaistedshorts #sheer #pink #pretty #stars #whimsical #dainty
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