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The Polyvore Evolution ♔

The Polyvore Evolution ♔

Welcome to the Polyvore Evolution!

Polyvorian of the month: TBA
Tip of the month:
Sets of the month collection:

What this group will be responsible for;
• Keeping you updated with current events on Polyvore & in the real world.
• Advertisements for members who want to be recognized.
• Got something you want to share with Polyvore or important news? This group will help you promote whatever you need whether its getting people to like a set, or getting people to flag someone off of Polyvore!
• Polyvorian of the Month;
Each month we will be looking around for a notable Polyvorian and we will tag them here and just write a brief description about them! (Great way to get well-known on Polyvore!)
• Tip of the Month; Each month we will be looking out for a great tip account, or specifically, a tip set which everyone should check out!
• Open group dicussions; Since everyone is so busy, it's hard to keep updated with you friends. Open discussions allow you & your friends to just talk about certain topics, express your views, etc.
• LIVE TINYCHATTING/CHATZY; What better way to socialize with your friends on Polyvore with a live chat! We will try and post Tinychats/Chatzys when possible and give a time where we all should attend the event!
• Tumblr/Blog promotions!
• Easy, fun, quick contests! All contests will be at a duration of ONE week and it will give polyvorians a chance to win trophies, etc.
• Major projects; Now & then we will try and come up with something really fun. Whether its hosting a choice awards, or hosting a game!
• Fan Wars; One direction? Justin Bieber? Who DOESN'T love arguing about who they are in love with?
• Advice Column; Having a hard day? Need someone to talk to? PM one of the moderators, you will be anonymous and we will post your problem in the announcements with our advice.
Q; I miss my mom.
A; Blah blah, blah, blah.
• Sets of the Month
Each month, each moderator will vote on 5 of their favorite sets that has been submitted to the group and they will be put in a collection.
• Project Runway; Ready to put your fashion skills to the test? We will be hosting a fashion designing contest, the winner will be promoted!


~ IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, PLEASE INBOX any of the other moderators you feel comfortable with!

M E E T T H E M O D S ;
~ Angele: @angelechantelle
~ Caroline: @sweetcaroline2
~ PG&&C: @polyvoresgameschallenges
~ Adrianna: @adriannahope

TiPS and iCONS

TiPS and iCONS

Welcome to one of the BiGGEST tips and icons group on Polyvore! In this group, we'll have contests and for you to share your tips and icons! All tip and icon accounts are welcome!
Every 1OO members we get, we get those big contests with Tips and Icons.
We PROMISE we try to have VERY active contests and judge ASAP!
We're not looking for moderators at the moment, but we might. If we do, we'll tell you :)
If you have any contest ideas, please private message @cornwashere and we might use your idea. (of course with credit :))
Founder: @cornwashere
Sadly, I'm not looking for any co-founders for this group, but maybe I will pick you to be my co-founder if I know you pretty well :)
1OO members: O1.O2.2O13
15O members: O2.17.2O13
2OO members: O3.22.2O13
25O members: O4.1O.2O13
3OO members: O5.12.2O13
35O members: O6.1O.2O13
4OO members: O7.11.2O13
45O members: O8.O3.2O13
5OO members: O9.O3.2O13
55O members: 1O.O1.2O13
6OO members: 11.O6.2O13
65O members: 11.23.2O13
7OO members: 12.23.2O13
75O members: O1.19.2O14
8OO members: O2.24.2O14
85O members: O3.27.2O14
9OO members: O4.25.2O14
95O members: O5.18.2O14
1OOO MEMBERS: O6.16.2O14
1O5O members: O7.O9.2O14
11OO members: O8.1O.2O14
115O members: O9.19.2O14
Founded in: O9.15.2O12

♥☺♥iCON & TiP CRAZY♥☺♥

♥☺♥iCON & TiP CRAZY♥☺♥

In this group you will be able to make lots of icons depending on the contest! :)
ρσℓαяιѕѕ & michelle xx

pretty icons

pretty icons

enter all of your icons! i hold two weekly contests as well, so always check back to see what's new in the group✿
founded february 4 2013 by @adal1ne
icon by @faiiry-babe

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