Here are the guys for {RHI} moderated by @five-hundred-days-of-penny and me! Feel free to use these characters in your stories, but if the guy as a certain tie to a girl make sure it doesn't contradict the relationship. For instance don't go into a relationship with Nate when clearly he's between Serena and Blair (unless you are Serena or Blair). You can make your own male character, but you MUST pm @five-hundred-days-of-penny and me before you can use him. We need to make sure he fits the mold ;) Enjoy!!

The Guys:

Name: Nate Archibald
Age: 18
Bio: If you wanted your typical WASP Upper East Side boy, Nate is your guy. He is son of the French socialite Ann Archibald and Navy sea Captain Archibald. He attends St. Jude’s School for Boys with his best friend, Chuck Bass. Nate can be the perfect gentleman, but he is a guy and he has desires. He is in love with Serena van der Woodsen one day and Blair Waldorf the next. Be careful ladies because he’s as indecisive as they get.
Model: Vladimir Ivanov
Relationship Status: Goes between Blair and Serena

Name: Chuck Bass
Age: 18
Bio: If he wasn’t so attractive and seductive people on the Upper East Side wouldn’t bother with Mr. Chuck Bass. Money, sex, power, and style are the essentials of Chuck, but is there more to him that what meets the eye? His father Bartholomew "Bart" Bass is deceased, or so everyone says and his mother is Elizabeth Fisher, or Evelyn Bass. However, her mother is non-existant in his life, except for the occasional drop by when she runs out of money. Chuck prefers to reside alone in his Penthouse at the Plaza, but his adoptive mother, Lillian “Lily” van der Woodsen does not like that. So stick around and find out about his deep, dark past.
Model: Sean O’Pry
Relationship Status: Every girl in NYC.... but who knows, maybe someone will come along and knock him off his feet.

Name: Dan Humphrey
Age: 18
Bio: Unlike the rest of the young men in this world Dan is unlike them in many ways. He lives in Brooklyn with his father Rufus and sister Jenny. Dan is thoughtful, intelligent, and an all-around good guy. Literature and writing are his two passions and is often in deep thought. But he’s a fun-loving guy who cares deeply for what he believes in and cares for his younger sister. He attends St. Jude’s School for boys on full scholarship and has crossed paths with Nate and Chuck, but tends to remain outside their circle. However, as we all know the force of the Upper East Side eventually pulls us all in so it’s only a matter of time.
Model: Matthew Hitt
Relationship Status: Has a little crush on Serena van der Woodsen, but Georgina Sparks likes him

Name: William Monteith IV -
Age: 17
Bio: Dashing and charming are just two words to describe Will. His family comes from France and he has a slight French accent which makes him even more attractive than he already is. With his power and money one might expect him to take advantage of the ladies of the Upper East Side, but on the contrary he is a perfect gentleman. His father is a high ranking diplomat and has his future all planned out even down to the girl he wants him to marry, Sophie Collette, however William does not like this idea. He understands his father’s position, but he wants a future all his own and a future with a girl whom he loves. And day after day he begins to feel like that is Jenny Humphrey though he would never tell Dan, who is as close to a best friend as he has.
Model: Clement Chabernaud
Relationship Status: His father wants him to be with Sophie Collette, but he's starting to fall for Jenny Humphrey 

Name: Adrien Hummel 
Age: 16
Bio: Call him a Chuck Bass in training. Adrien idolizes Chuck and is like him in every way, except he’s often mistaken for a cheap secondhand remake. All he wants to do is make a name for himself and yet he can’t seem to find his niche in the world. He has and will try anything to reach the top and doesn’t plan on stopping until he gets there. He likes things his way and his way only and has a bit of temper which can get out of hand even with the ladies. Rumor has it he’s sent a few girls home with black eyes and bruises. Be careful ladies, no matter how seducing he is.
Model: Adrien Sahores
Relationship Status: No one in particular...

Name: Vincent McAdams 
Age: 18 
Biography: Vincent is the Jock of St.Jude's,he is Soccer captain,on the swimming team and loves horse riding.His parents got divorced when she was nine years old,his father lives in Scotland and is a politician,his mother owns one of the best gourmet restaurants in New York. Vincent likes to party,he use to be best friends with Chuck untill he realized he actually wants to have a real life.Vincent had a gambling problem,no one knows about it except Nate and Chuck.He has a lot of stress with his father wanting him to go to Princeton and his mother wants him into Columbia, maybe he will go back to his old habit?
Model: Arthur Sales 
Relationship Status: No one at the moment, but will eventually like Mary Rivera
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