it's really good to hear your voice,
saying my name,
it sounds so sweet
[ lips of an angel // hinder ]




guinevere 'gwen' seren halliwell. 20 years old. teaches ballet to kids. professional performer. skipped magic school in favour of staying with her mother. currently dating albus potter, 21. broadway fanatic, girly, classy. pretty much the epitome of the girl you'd want to take home to your parents...unless you have an older brother.


gwen brushed her hands down the lace front of her dress, adjusting her jacket. "you look fine." albus complained, sliding his hands around her waist, resting his head in the crook of her shoulder. "they're going to love you." he pressed a light kiss to the skin there and gwen smiled, a flat feeling in her stomach. she couldn't help the nerves, of course; meeting her boyfriend's family was bound to be somewhat terrifying, especially with how much he loved them...but there was another feeling there. she couldn't work it out, but she didn't like it much. it was a dull feeling that she tended to get around albus. she was bored. she knew that it was bad, and that it was happening again, but there wasn't much she could do. being held into one place for too long was not good for gwen.

she considered all this during the car ride down (albus had opted to drive in order to improve his skill. she couldn't understand why; driving wasn't exactly necessary for someone skilled in magic). she'd moved around so much as a child that simply "being" wasn't enough for her. that's why performing was fun. she could travel and tour with companies and change a few months later. but she needed money, so she got a stable job for a while and then she'd met albus and everything else was history. when the car pulled up outside the large house, gwen swallowed and pulled her jacket properly around her shoulders, stepping out of the car. 

before she could move, albus' arm was wrapped around her waist, guiding her inside. she pushed back her feelings, wanting to make a good impression on his family. the moment they got inside, they were accosted by a woman with a mass of fiery hair, lined with ash coloured streaks. the woman, of course, could only be albus' mother. after the initial introductions were out of the way, ginny and albus took her inside to meet the rest of the family. fun.
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