Obviously it isn't exact, this is the closest I could find.

My dress is eyelet and white with frilly bits at the top edges around my boobs and in general it makes my boobs look funny and I don't like that. But my mom loves the dress and I guess I love it in a way (well- it doesn't encompass my personality quite the way my arts awards outfit did or maybe even prom.

either way whatever
at least our prom queen made national headlines because she's transgender.
I'm insanely proud and honoured to know her like for real.


She said about how people have shouted at her from their cars driving by.
I never thought about it too much but I guess that happens a lot around here.

I've been called a "stupid dyke" by some randoms and one of my friends was yelled at called "JEWFRO" and it pisses me off more when it's other people getting this bullshit while I know about it. It doesn't offend me to be called a stupid dyke- I actually much prefer it over the people trying to comfort me who say "you don't look like a boy!" "I can never see you as a boy!" "you just have a really girly face" etc. because 'dyke' acknowledges that I'm presenting pretty boyish. Which is how I want to be seen.
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