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I've updated my haircare routine with some new products that are as close to natural as I'm gonna get. They have a lot of good oils in them which help make the hair look and feel healthier, and they don't have alcohol in them, which is too drying for my hair. So let's get into it.

I usually shampoo my hair once a week or every other week. Now before you go all "ew, you're disgusting" I have course and curly, which means for my hair type I don't have to shampoo as often as someone with a straighter hair type. That's because the natural oils from the scalp take a longer time to distribute through curly hair whereas it takes little time for straighter hair. I also use a method called co-washing, which I'll get into further down.

✧ P R O D U C T S ✧
taliah waajid the great detangler
organix nourishing coconut milk shampoo
organix weightless hydration coconut water conditioner
organix repairing awaphui ginger instant recovery mask
spectrum 100% organic virgin coconut oil

✧ T O O L S ✧
wide tooth comb
shower cap
blower drier (with diffuser if wearing curls)
clean old t-shirt
flat iron or hot comb (if I'm straightening my hair)

✧ S H A M P O O • R O U T I N E ✧
• So I just start by combing out any tangles one section at a time while my hair is still dry. If needed, I'll use my detangler cream. I try not to scrap the scalp though because that will only cause irritation later.

• Once I finish that, I rinse my hair with warm water for about 2-3 minutes.

• Then I pour a quarter-size amount of shampoo in my hand and apply to a small section of my hair. I work it from the root to tip and finger-comb my hair as I go. Then repeat this to completely cover my head and finally rinse with warm water.

• Afterwards, I repeat the same process with my conditioner or hair mask. While that sets in my hair, I like to detangle my hair with wide tooth comb, a section at a time. The conditioner helps the tangles come right out!

• After detangling, I put on a shower cap for 5 to 7 minutes. The shower steam is really good for this process to help the product really get in the hair.

• Finally, I rinse my hair with warm water and use my fingers to gently comb through it.

• So before blow drying it, I take an old clean t-shirt and dry my hair as if I was using a towel. I don't use a towel because it can snag my hair and cause breakage and frizz.

• While my hair is damp, I apply any products that I feel necessary. It usually depends on how I plan to style my hair, whether curly or straight. It's better to apply these products to damp hair because they work better or just differently than on dry hair.

• After blow drying and/or straightening my hair, I finish it up with a sealing oil like coconut oil. Other good ones are extra virgin oil and caster oil.

✧ C O-W A S H • R O U T I N E ✧
So for those who don't know what co-washing is, it's the same process as washing your hair, except you only use conditioner. No shampoo.

The explanation: textured hair has a tendency to be drier than straighter hair types. The natural oils created by the scalp have a harder time navigating the twist and turns of curly hair. All conditioners have a small amount of gentle cleansers and conditioners can and should be used more than shampoo to clean curly hair.

I usually co-wash every other week. I shampoo one week, co-wash the next week, and repeat it like that. It's really worked for my hair!

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~*self love is the best love*~
Love Always, RG

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