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You know that feeling when you lose someone or something 
and you feel empty and incomplete?
There's a hole inside my body
and something keeps gnawing at it
until I can't feel a thing.

And I can't, oddly. I haven't cried since the actual moment Alex dumped me.
Dumped me. That's such an ugly word.
And it sounds even more ugly when I point out the fact that me,
Cameron DiVello, have never been dumped.

But Alex was the first, as he was the first to many things.
He helped me find myself under all the plastic, and I haven't left that girl,
despite what Alex might think,
and I don't think I let her or Alex go.

So last night, my party was a blow after Alex left.
I hadn't said goodbye to any of the visitors, but they had left,
one by one.

I slipped on my black sheer tights and a cashmere cardigan and was washing my face free of dry tear tracks for the Brunch when my doorbell was rung. 

My heart literally jolted. I walked to the door, almost sprinting, and opened it...

and Nate and Robert stood on the other side, both giving me smirks.

I sighed, running a hand through my hair, my hand shaking. I give them a suspicous look.

"What do you boys want?" I whined, walking towards my room to get my leather bag.

They followed, "We're both very desperate," Nate began, already walking towards my fridge.
"And we know only Miss. DiVello can grant all wishes here on the Upper East Side."

I rolled my eyes, smiling without wanting to.

"Listen boys," I said, applying some Chanel mascara, "You know I love you both, and I'd unfortuantely do anything for you guys, but really, I'm not feeling...anything...lately..." I drifted off, not wanting to go into detail with my feelings with two of UES's infamous

"We know you and your drug-" Rob stopped, looking at my wide-shocked eyes. 

"We know you and Alex just broke up. We know how you must be feeling." Rob said as sincerely as he could. But there was something odd in his eyes. I looked away from him, feeling awkward.

Nate gave me a sympathetic look. "We're sorry. For everything we've done."

I looked between the two of them. I wanted to believe them, but, do you ever believe your siblings will ever stop bugging you? 

I smirked, "What do you two want?" At that, Nate did his huge silly grin. I giggled. Rob had on a synchronizing face that was giving me the creeps.

"Okay, okay," Nate said, "I need your help."

I walked closer to him, where he was eating grapes from my fridge. I grabbed a Starbucks bottle and smiled at him.

"What do you want me to say to Summer?" 

His smile wiped off, "How do you know?"

"Oh honey," I said, placing a hand on his shoulder, "I know everything."

He smiled, "Okay, well, she'll be at the brunch...right?"

"Correct," I said, giving Rob a quick glance (he was pretending to be reading the newspaper), "You've got to let her know how you feel."

Nate began to look nervous, which looked adorable on him.

"Keep looking nervous- it's attractive." I began walking out, they followed.

"Uhm...Elena already talked to her. I think. I don't know." 
I smiled. "I'll lead her on while you talk to Elle to see what she had said. Then once I give her all your rare pluses, you can come over and woo her." Rob smirked, Nate gave me a frustrated look.

"Relax, Nate," I said, walking over to Rob's limo, "Just...try /not/ to be yourself." I giggled, Rob chuckled. Nate smiled,

"Knock it off, Cam," he said, nudging me, "I think I really like her." We got into the limo as I took in what Nate had said.

The last blonde beauty who was sweet, funny, and had every boy at her feet...was Morgan. Nate had obsessed over her- leaving me devestated- until she left, and left /him/ devestated.

Now what would Summer and Nate being together bring?

I sat between Nate and Rob; feeling awfully comfortable. These were my boys, my ex-boyfriends, my brothers, my best friends since diapers and sippy cups. 

"You'll get her, Nate." he smiled at me, then looked out the window in thought. 
Then I looked to my side, catching Rob looking at me. 

His eyes lingered, then he looked away towards the window. I looked forward, swallowing hard. Whatever was coming, it couldn't be good.
"Elena, you look great. Hello, Jack." I said, greeting Elena as I arrived with the boys. I hugged her and smiled, and, though I knew he would never come, I looked around to see if Alex was with her.

Of course not.

I was going to ask her something, but she looked so happy...she was practically /glowing/ with Jack. I seated across from her, Nate next to her. 

I spotted Summer across the room with Autumn {who appeared despite what happened to her last night} and Ashley. I walked over to them.

"Hello girls, thanks for coming! You all look lovely." I gave them each hugs, then sat next to Summer. She turned away from A&A and looked at me expectantly, as if she knew I was going to say something.

"Cam." she said smiling. I smiled back, "Summer. How are you feeling?"

"Well," she quickly eyed, Nate, who eyed her, then whispered something {nervously} to Elena. Summer looked away, nervous, and I giggled.

"What?" Summ asked wide-eyed. 

"You guys are acting like school kids with crushes. Just go make out already." Summer looked stunned, so I kept talking.

"I mean...Nate..." I sighed. "Nate's witnessed a lot in his life, and his parents are always trying to make him act like some elite socialite machine. But he's not. The true Nate knows how to crack a decent joke, he becomes the sweetest boy in the world when you need him, and...he's just...the best." I found myself fantasizing about crazy times with Nate, surprisingly. I was smiling at him as I talked, and he saw and smiled at me, then looked at Summer and smiled too. 

Summ cracked a smile.

"That's good to hear." Summ said, looking towards me and away from Nate, "But...what about all those girls he's slept with...the Monroe 
Man-Whore label?"

I rolled my eyes, "He /was/ single, Summ."

She giggled, "But...when you two were together...he was always good to you. Right?"
Wrong, I thought, Because he fantasized about Morgan 99.99% of the time.

"Yes, he was very good to me."

She smiled, "So you think we...could work out?"

"Are you saying you like him?" I asked seriously. 
Her smile fell.

"Is...there a problem...? You don't mind, do you?"
I shook my head. "What we have is in the past. But...Summ." 


"If something happens between you two, you've got to understand that...Nate is my best friend. And if I had a brother, if my brother got into a relationship problem, I'd fix it. And Nate's like my older have his back."

"What you're saying is, if something goes wrong between'd automatically back him up?" Summ said, a bit surprised and a bit not surprised.

I played with the napkin on the table. "Let's not plan any problems, 'kay?" I said, smiling at her.

She thought for a moment, then a smile slowly spread across her face. "'Kay."

Nate stood up, and began walking towards us.

"Autumn, Ashley? I believe the bathrooms here have been re-done...wanna go sneak a peak?" I fibbed. They spotted Nate walking over to 
Summer and got the point. They giggled.

"Oh, yes!"

An hour later, I was paying off the $542 bill with my credit card. I walked out with Elena, who had 
just said goodbye to Jack.

" and Jack are doing well?" 

She smiled, "Yeah. He's sweet."

I smiled. "That's good."

Awkward silence.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked her. I meant the boy Louis she had left behind in Paris. I knew she was having regrets.

"For someone who just broke up with her boyfriend, I'm surprised you're asking /me/ if something's wrong." she said quietly. I swallowed hard. 

"Actually," I said, "Alex broke up with me."

"What!" Elle exclaimed, stopping in her tracks. She looked at me stunned.

"What, he didn't tell you?" I asked muffled, looking down at my heels. 

She frowned. "Actually, he hasn't said a thing to me. He's just crashed on the sofa with the TV and his pal Jack Daniels."

I frowned too. "I just...I don't know what to do." I said, still looking down, lip trembling.

Elena stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me. I began to cry, as quietly as I could manage, which wasn't very quiet.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll talk to him."
I pulled away, wiping my face.

"Well, I've got to go." I said, hailing a cab.

"Where?" she asked. I shrugged, hopping in and catching a tear.

When the taxi pulled up at my building, I stepped out and practically sprinted into the building. 

Mascara was all over my face, and not even the disgusting taxi driver wanted to look at me. I tried to dry my face, though the tears were now sticky.
Without looking up, I flew to my apartment door, bumping into...Alex?

"Oh!" Arms grabbed me from falling from the impact of bumping into him had caused.
I looked up at Robert, blushing, trying to clean up my face. It wasn't working. I probably looked like 
a racoon.

"Oh...uhm..." he stuttered.
"Robert, what are you doing here?!" I said, unlocking my door, storming in, and turning back to look at him.

"I uh..." he walked into my apartment, and grabbed the first thing off the counter that he saw.

"Forgot my newspaper." he said, taking my newspaper and fleeing down the stairs. 

I frowned.

What was he originally going to tell me?

I walked in, checked my Blackberry. No new calls. I threw it on my bed, then collapsed next to it.

What next?
- xoxo, Cam.
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metropolitan margarita nightlife. {MMN} [GEN.3]

metropolitan margarita nightlife. {MMN} [GEN.3]

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
- Oscar Wilde
It's alright to ask. We know you want to know who WE are...
Oh, wait. By now, you already know, don't you?
We are the privileged young adults that were born and raised in New York City's Upper East Side.
Some of us got to attend Verona University, the newest Ivy League nestled in the forests outside of the city,
but now we are making our way past our early twenties, spreading out across the island, but always, still, the talk of the town.
Here on the UES we have our very own blog on Perez Hilton's site—and it's run by me.
I'm one of you, except I have all the latest tabs on your favorite NYC socialites and It Girls and their every day lives—which means their every day scandals, dramas and secrets.
Their a dirty blend of old and new money—the Waldorf-DiVellos, the Carters, the Riveras, the Samuels—even families like the Schullers tried to leave and couldn't stay away.
But don't worry. If you're not a part of the inner circle, you can be seen with us once and I'll never leave you alone. You just become a #tag on my blog.
If you live in the city, you've taken up a sickness, you and your iPhone—keeping up with us and reporting our latest whereabouts to the website (or the Insta, or the app),
discussing the latest gossip with your friends. We've gone international, too. Whether it's royalty, the world's biggest boy band, or rubbing shoulders
with big names of Hollywood and the literary world—well, we can't really blame you for your obsession.
And who am I? Oh, darling, you will never know. I am the eyes and ears of this place.
I'm the one telling everyone what you did last night, what you're hiding, what your worst fear is—besides Yours Truly, of course.
Either way you know you are just dying to know more.
Who wouldn't? Guess you'll have to stick around like the rest of us.
[The 3 Golden Rules]:
1. Read and COMMENT on every member's story and/or group-related set whenever possible. A friendly tip: don't post a new set/story without catching up.
2. Write whenever you want to, whenever you are inspired. Minimum of one story OR set comment a month or you are not considered an active member. Not too difficult!
3. No drama, please keep it fictional ;) Don't be passive-agressive—please manage issues through PMs and privately. Don't mention someone else's character unless you are responding to their story and you have discussed a collaboration with them.
p.s. If you have any concerns, please PM @ahlexandra
[{MMN} Generation #1]
We are attached to our characters because we've been writing for them since their junior year of high school.
{MMN} Gen. 2 began with their graduation from Monroe Academy in Manhattan, NYC and their entrance to Verona University
(and new members joined as new classmates)
Monroe Academy Yearbook:
UES Girls:
UES Boys:
About Monroe Academy:
[{MMN} Generation #2]
Map of Verona:
Tour/About Verona:
Examples of Housing:
{Greek Row}
{The Condos}
{The Dorms}
Girls of Verona:
[Active Members]:
Alex writes and portrays Cameron DiVello:
Emily writes and portrays Elena (& Alex) Rivera:
Lauren writes and portrays Christina & the rest of the Schullers:
Gabby writes and portrays Gabriella Suarez:
Alexandra writes and portrays Effie Dumont (& Harry Styles nbd):
Sophia writes and portrays Holland Heath & Annabelle Green:
Sarah writes and portrays Tamara Bates:
Kirsten writes and portrays Emme Travis:
Nikki writes and portrays Everly Breckenridge:
Kat writes and portrays Chloe Christie:
Belle writes and portrays Dominique Biondi:
Morgan writes and portrays Autumn:
Lilu writes and portrays Ashley:
Dee writes and portrays Lexi:
Farah writes and portrays Natalie:
@recklessbehavior writes and portrays Adrijana Janković

@lemonade-lagoon writing for Ceci
@cestlula writing for Lizzie
@oh-jayne writing for Charlotte
@lalasparkles writing for Summer Roberts

Please message me if you are missing.

Thank you for your interest in {MMN}!
We are one of the most successful private writing groups (if not the most successful... :D) here on Polyvore
as we go into our 7th year as a tight-knit group, into the third "generation" of our characters as they go into postgraduate life.
I am very proud to say that {MMN} started with a bored 13-year old inspired by books and I hope that it continues on for as long as it can.
As of right now, we are not looking for new members. Please follow me if you wish to know if/when we have open auditions.
Alexandra (Alex) (@ahlexandra)
[last updated: 11/27/16]
All group information and side characters of {MMN} were created by @ahlexandra with help from her cousin @dirty.margarita♥.
Each character belongs to the member that created her. If our group info or characters are used improperly or without permission,
expect to be called out for it. Please respect the original creativity campaign on Poly.
This group was inspired by:
- The Gossip Girl franchise: the book series, and the TV show on the CW.
The fictional character 'Gossip Girl' belongs to Cecily von Ziegesar and is role-played in {MMN} with respect.
- Shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City and 90210.
- The beautiful and inspirational New York City. and Monaco. and London.
- Gossip sites on celebs like Perez Hilton's and "Oh No They Didn't!"
{MMN was created on 11/1/09}
© metropolitan margarita nightlife. 2009

a runway to hell.

a runway to hell.

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