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My Questions:
1. What was your favorite year for KPop and why? (ideas: name the year you liked a lot of KPop songs, the year you got into KPop, the year your favorite group debuted, etc.)
 -I think it might be this year ^^ lot's of the artists I listen to have new albums so I'm very happy to have a new music to listen to ^o^ 

2. What group would you like to see perform live and why?
- I would like to see so many of them actually :D to all, it has to be a great memory ^^
3. What are your thoughts on sasaengs?
-hmm, they are little bit too much. I mean idols are just regular people like us, it's not fair to invade their privacy. i wouldn't blame the idols if they'd decide not to show up at all sometimes

4. What is something in KPop that you think needs to change/be fixed?
- sometimes I think the companies should treat their people better (yes SM talking to you)
5. Which KPop idol do you think has the best airport fashion? Can you provide a link :3
- wah so many!! CL, obviously is my favorite. Lately I really like Xiumin's fashion ^o^ just google it and the awesomness will pop up ^^
6. What KPop song do you know the most lyrics to?
- missing you 2ne1, the baddest female CL, 1004 angel BAP, growl EXO, Chi Sa bounce MIB, Get it in YoonMiRae ... well i could continue:D
7. Do you listen to any K-Indie/K-hip hop artists?
-actually I listen more to k-hip hop I think. Illionare, AOMG, Amoeba are the more famous ones, but I like KittiB, JollyV, Tymee(E.Via), Kasper Swings and many many other I usually find on tumblr ^^

8. Which KPop idol do you respect or you think deserves a lot of respect?
- i think all of them, I mean all the hard work, the practice pretty much every day. they have to be able to act, dance, sing-and have to always be the best at it. But I think YongGuk (BAP) is kinda extraordinary. He truly is involved in the trying to make earth better place and he tries to promote it in pretty much every interview; so oppa~ hwaiting!! 

9. Are you sad to see a lot of the older bands (Kara, U-Kiss, WG) undergo member changes?
- i didn't know about that O.o 

10. What are some of your favorite KPop music videos?
- pretty much any 2NE1 video ^^, Big Bang Fantastic baby, BEG Kill Bill, PSY gentelman-i think lots of people who are not familiar with south korean pop culture can never really understand why gangnam style/gentleman are so funny, Metronome Jay Park ft Simon.D Gray ugh the list is endless :D
11. Not KPop related...but can you please tell me which one of my sets is your favorite? I'm curious to know what other people think of my work ^^; Thank you!! these two ^o^

wah so long! but I enjoyed writing it down :D I've realized I really have an issue with picking up just "one" of anything :D

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