Teenage Dream [sad version] - Blaine from Glee

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Hi Beauties ♥
Might make another set later as i don't think i'll have time tomorrow as I have my sixth form options evening where i learn about the subjects I'm gonna take. Erk.
Also at 9:30 am tomorrow I have a mock interview with a real employer. erk. Wish Me Luck

My Day
A S S E M B L Y - The headteacher + deputy head teacher talked about the options evening
P E. - As part of my 'able and talented' mentoring group who are targeting A's + A*'s, me and my friend Emily went to art as we're on B's. Lawl. So i did two designs for my final piece.
E N G L I S H - We did this revision booklet on 'An Inspector Calls' which is a really good play with an unexpected ending :)
B R E A K - I had to go find my application form for my interview. My registration teacher wouldn't let us take them home to finish, and she doesn't work Wednesdays, so i had to go dig around in the cupboards in my registration class for it. Then I went to see the Welsh Teacher.
 A R T {double lesson} - I did two and a half more designs for my final piece + painted two of them.
L U N C H- I took my food to the welsh room + did my personal statement part of my application form
G E O G R A P H Y - My teacher is still off after his operation, so we had the head teacher. -.- 
We did like these two short exam questions about tourism // ecosystems. Then we had to do like notes on the 8 mark questions on how to answer them to the best of our ability.
E N D - O F - S C H O O L - D A Y {3:05 pm} 

A F T E R - S C H O O L - M A T H S - R E V I S I O N
I went to the maths revision after school until 4:15pm and we basically did the answers in the really hard past paper that's due tomorrow. Lawl. And I gave my friends some strawberry laces and looked at other people's art projects and people looked at mine ♥

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Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang ]
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