Dear Santa (Polyvore team):
(1) I really need to get organized next year, because I'm a mess, so what a better way to start with this jeweler stand!!! I love spins, it looks like a bird cage & it's super cute!!! a perfect Christmas gift :)

(2) Oh my! that marc jacobs perfume, I smelled it in a department store a couple weeks ago and I totally love it!!!! it smells delicious!!!!!! it'll be nice to have it for Christmas or for my birthday.

(3) EXTREME lip plumper: The best thing invented EVER!!!!! I've been wanting this for a very loooong time...'cuz I have very thin lips and this make my lips look fuller & I really want this for Christmas :)

(4) I want those Sperry shoes!!! they look sooo cute & nautical, the color it's perfect they'll match with almost everything...aaahhh just LOVE them!!!! I've seen a lot of girls wearing them lately, they look so fashionable and comfy... definitly a great gift for Christmas!!!

(5) I LOVE Tory Burch, she's one of my favorite designers, she is AMAZING!! and those earrings..oh my God those earrings!!! They're so classy & lovely & gorgeous & I love them & I could wear them with everything & I could use them all the time & they would look amazing & they're so shinny & classy & lovely...OK, I'm going to stop now hahah. Anyways, what I was trying to tell you is that it'll be a perfect Christmas gift :) 

(6) And last but not least, the A&F winter wear gift set!!! what can I say about this gift set...I simply LOVE it!!!! The fair isle design with the mooses, the color is gorgeous, I love the scarf, I love the beanie, together they look so Christmas, It's perfect for the holidays I totally love it!!!!

I hope everyone will have a lovely Christmas with their families & friends!!! :) 

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes!!!

xoxo electric-bird

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