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This is the most fillery filler I have ever written. Probably just so I could start using the 900+ Florence pics save in my items ;)

Verity Jones; June 1

“Children are exhausting.” Hunter exclaimed melodramatically, sinking down onto the picnic rug spread out across the grass.

“You just have no stamina.” I sniffed primly, “Uncle Hunter has no stamina.” I cooed at Chloe, Hunter’s niece who I currently had balanced on my hip, “does he?”

She regarded me seriously for a second before shaking her head, “No.”

“Ha. Even the baby knows.” I cried in triumph, carefully folding myself to sit cross legged on the ground so I didn’t disrupt Chloe to much.

“Just because she thinks the sun shines out of your,” He started to say, trailing off at the glare I sent him, “Your bottom. She’s to young to understands what I’m saying.”

“She understands your an idiot.” I fixed him an unimpressed look, as Chloe started twisting her fingers into my hair, “And she clearly recognises I am a better role model than you.”

“She’s just fascinated by your hair.” Hunter grumbled, crumpling from a seated position to a lying position unceremoniously. 

“Then she has taste.” I shrugged, settling Chloe in my lap. She pouted at being dragged away from my hair but quickly became distracted my the pattern on my skirt, 

“If you start a hair dying obsession in her my sister will kill you.” Hunter exclaimed cheerfully. Probably at the idea I would be higher up Cassidy’s sht list than he was.

“She’s to young to understand.” I tried to mock his voice quite unsuccessfully. Chloe still clapped and laughed, so I counted it as a win.

“Stop making my family love me more than you.” He muttered, rolling over onto his stomach, “They’re the ones that are meant to like me better. It’s like biologically law.”

“Biologically law?” I questioned unable to stop myself laughing at him, “what does that even mean you idiot?”

“Idiot.” Chloe cried, clapping her hands in delight. I had to groan at that, Cassidy was going to kill me.

“Ha!” Hunter cried triumphantly, “Cassidy is going to kill you.” He singsonged triumphantly.

“Please. Both Chloe and Cassidy still like me better.” I said, grabbing Chloe’s fists in between my hands and waving them in the air, “Don’t you Chloe?” I cooed.

“Yeah!” She yelled, as much as a toddler can yell sticking her tongue out.

“Admit it. You’re just jealous which is why you’re such a bitter old man.”

“You don’t have to be such a btch about it.” He muttered frowning at me. Jealous and bitter, exactly like I said.

“Btch.” Chloe cried with a proud grin painted across her face.

I started laughing at that, picking Chloe up and lying back, holding her in the air above me, “Who is it Cassidy’s going to kill again?” 

“Aww sht.” Hunter moaned throwing an arm over his face, “My life isn’t worth living.”

“Sht.” Chloe agreed, nodding her head knowingly. I started laughing hard at that and Hunter rolled over to hide his face in the grass.

“You should probably just stop talking.” I advised him, resting Chloe on my chest, “Shouldn’t he little miss.”

“Stop.” Chloe agreed solemnly. I laughed again, tapping her gently on the nose.

“See Hunter even the toddler has more sense than you.” I teased, sitting up before placing Chloe in my lap again.

“I hate you and everything you represent.” He groaned, flipping me the bird.

“Careful don’t want her to pick up on that as well. Cassidy’s probably never going to speak to you again as it is.” I laughed, tickling Chloe gently on the belly.

“You can have her.” Hunter’s voice was muffled by the grass he seemed to have inhaled.

“Im pretty sure your sister won’t like the fact you’re giving her daughter away for free but I’ll take her.” I said, Chloe still shrieking in laugher.

“I wish I’d never met you.”
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